Get likes on Instagram but know how to use Instagram for SEO

Get likes on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most preferred social media platforms for marketing because of its immense reach and unique features. The basic tenets of social media marketing like audience engagement and content-driven campaigns are like that of SEO marketing, and marketers can exploit the link to use Instagram for boosting their SEO campaign. Although Google has said that it does not use social media signals as a ranking factor, yet there are benefits of integrating Instagram with SEO.

When launching a new marketing campaign on Instagram, marketers prefer to buy likes on Instagram that helps the campaign gather instant momentum by connecting with real people. As the campaign gains traction, acquiring ‘likes’ organically begins, and your social media activity begins to influence your SEO ranking, although indirectly. 

Buy likes on Instagram to show your popularity

While you take measures in optimizing the Instagram campaign, at the same time, focus on garnering ‘likes’ for your Instagram profile that demonstrates its popularity. When people search for your website on Google, the search result will display not only your website link but just below it. Your social media accounts will also be visible. Although the list does not include Instagram because it blocks search engines from categorizing images, one of the reasons for integrating Instagram with SEO is to reach out to the mobile audience who use Instagram, which is available as a mobile app only and not accessible from desktops.

To use your Instagram profile for augmenting your SEO marketing campaign, use the following tips.

Link Instagram

While Instagram is a unique platform for advertising, it is essential to include advertising beyond the platform, which is typical of businesses using a multichannel marketing strategy. Link your Instagram account to other social media accounts to inform your followers across all channels about your Instagram account and take advantage of consistent messaging and advertising across the platforms that demonstrate your brand’s integrity.

On authorizing Instagram to access your other media profiles, a link will be added to your Instagram account.  To get the most from the linking connect your Instagram feed too. On allowing Instagram to feed your posts on other social media platforms, the accessibility and visibility of your Instagram page will increase many more times.

Frequently change your URL

You cannot insert your link to every post on Instagram, but can only place it in your profile. It will necessitate changing the URL frequently according to the campaigns you are running or Io ramp up traffic volume to specific pages. By taking advantage of space, you might want to direct people to different landing pages, articles, or product pages you want to promote. To get a better idea about when to change the link, try to envisage the link as a call to action or the relation between engagement and the return on investment. It will help to know what you want to change and the frequency of changing the URL.

Optimize your photos

The type of visuals comprising of photos and videos on Instagram, along with its quality, will influence the SEO performance. You must ensure that these are of the highest quality. Firstly, it should be distinguishable so that there is no ambiguity in recognizing it, whether it is a landscape, a portrait, or a book. To classify photos according to the content, Instagram uses image recognition technology. This will help you to grow your Instagram account by presenting photos to users who take an interest in it but have not accessed your Instagram account.

Research and use hashtags

Since Instagram behaves like a search engine, research the hashtags you want to use by focusing on those that drive high traffic volumes and are relevant to the content. Instead of spreading the hashtags naturally across the description or image caption, an easier way is to include the hashtags at the end of your post. Use some tools to research hashtags and identify who else is using your hashtags. By checking the top 100 hashtags, you can get a fair idea about the most popular ones, but make sure that you use 4-9 hashtags at the most.

Enhance your domain authority 

Brand authority works across digital media. It means the gains made on one media pass on to the other media too. When brand awareness starts spreading and the word stars going, it’s round both online and offline; it will result in increased search volume. This will drive more traffic to your website that will enhance your domain authority over time. Domain authority is a critical factor that influences ranking, which will increase as your domain authority increases.

Although Instagram does not have a direct connection with the major search engines, it impacts your search rankings. Optimizing the Instagram profile helps better visibility of content that creates better engagement, which boosts the campaign prospects.

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