Health 101 : Alcohol and Stress – How they are interrelated?

Health 101 Alcohol and Stress - How they are interrelated

Alcohol a stress reliever?

Many people believe that an alcoholic beverage is key to reducing stress. In some ways, alcohol does help to loosen a person a bit when they are tightly wound or upset. However, there is a point where alcohol soon becomes a deterrent to the alleviation of stress. In fact, in many cases, alcohol can increase stress levels when consumed in large portions. Many people may use alcohol as a stress reliever and be doing more harm than good.

However, what they do not realize is that alcohol could be adding to the amount of stress that they experience. This experience is particularly true for those individuals that are heavy drinkers. For some people, alcohol can change the personality significantly, and for some, not in a proper manner. This can cause a person to act in ways that can result in more stress for themselves and those dealing with their behavior under the influence of alcohol. Thus, it is essential to understand how alcohol can affect levels of stress.

Many people often believe that alcohol is a stress reliever, and there is a good reason for this. Alcohol is a sedative that relaxes the central nervous system. Most people are aware that after a few glasses of wine or some other alcoholic beverage, they are increasingly mellow. This is the effect of alcohol on a person’s central nervous system. It is essential to note that people respond to alcohol in different ways. While some people may fall asleep under the influence of alcohol, others may become belligerent or hostile. This type of behavior only increases the levels of stress in a person and causes stress for people who deal with this type of behavior.

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Alcohol is a suppressant?

however, what many people fail to realize is that alcohol also impairs judgment. The amount of alcohol that will impair judgment varies upon individuals as all people have different tolerance levels for alcohol consumption. Thus, much alcohol consumed to encourage relaxation is also the culprit for increasing stress levels when alcohol harms a person’s cognitive abilities. It can be very stressful for an individual to try to perform regular activities when he or she is under the influence of alcohol. People become frustrated with themselves when they think that they can do simple activities such as walk and find that alcohol will not allow them to do so in a regular manner.

Effect on the body

It is also essential to note that alcohol has a stressful effect on the body, as well. People that consume large amounts of alcohol consistently may find that their bodies will begin to show signs of severe stress. This may take the form of liver disease such as cirrhosis, which is a hardening of the liver because of excessive alcohol consumption. This is a sign from the body that alcohol consumption is playing a very negative effect on the body overall. Ceasing the use of alcohol is usually required to alleviate these symptoms.

Overall, there are several ways in which alcohol and stress are interrelated.

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