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How an Indian startup turned the global pandemic crisis into an opportunity

Founder and CEO of Vmeets, Mohammed Saleem speaks about the series of events that led to the birth of a new virtual events platform that aims to solve the challenges faced by the global events community. Tuesday, April 13, 2021: The ongoing pandemic adversely impacted the US$2.3 trillion events industry by chaotically throwing into disorder event plans and major conferences that were scheduled for 2020. The result was 87 per cent of events being cancelled and many being postponed. The global scenario forced 70 per cent of major event organizers to rethink their strategies, ultimately establishing virtual events as the next best alternative to staying in the business. Event organizers continued to face major bottlenecks in acquiring viable virtual meeting platforms that were suitable for their needs. This crisis led to the birth of Vmeets, a new virtual networking platform launched by a group of tech enthusiasts and events industry veterans to serve the global events community. The Backstory – Redefining business networking in the virtual events space In the context of the changing events industry landscape and the current global scenario, Mohammed Saleem, Founder and CEO of Vmeets and an events industry pioneer, explains how Vmeets was born, and how it stands to offer unique solutions to the global business community. “We conceptualized Vmeets after taking into account all the pain points which an event organizer experienced during the shift to a virtual platform,” said Mohammed Saleem. “Customization, scalability and affordability were the biggest challenges faced by event organizers. This led to the overarching idea of developing a virtual platform that addressed the pitfalls of virtual business networking.” “We wanted to recreate the same experience of in-person networking but through the use of a virtual model,” Saleem added. Vmeets entered the market in July 2020 and since then has hosted over 200,000 attendees including events for World Blockchain Summit, Messe Frankfurt, DBS Bank, Muscat Expo and White Paper Summits; to name a few. Saleem also stated that he is not apprehensive about virtual events as he believes that Hybrid and Phygital events will continue to remain prominent. With majority of the global employees opting to work from home, Saleem added that Hybrid and virtual networking will be the future of events. Vmeets is a modern digital experience platform for immersive and interactive virtual events that create real engagements, deliver data, and drive revenue. With their mission centred on delivering world-class B2B conferences and networking opportunities. The team at Vmeets are looking at providing affordable and customizable solutions for event organizers worldwide.
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