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How Long Does A Home Radiator Last?


Radiators are essential in any home and if you want them to work efficiently, you need to take care of them. Over the years you may notice your radiator doesn’t heat your home up as well as it used to. You may then consider getting a new one to replace it, but unsure how long it will last and if it’s worth the money. There are plenty of options on the market now too, so you’re not limited to an old-fashioned style one anymore. You can choose anything from a double panel radiator to a vertical radiator to really revamp your heating system. However, the lingering question is how long will your home radiator last? Keep reading to find out…  

Why Do They Need Replacing? 

Like anything, radiators can be subject to wear and tear over time. Sometimes a radiator breaking down can also be a signal of a bigger issue with your heating that needs fixing, so it’s best to call in a professional if your radiator suddenly breaks down. Another reason your radiator may need replacing is due to corrosion. This is a visible problem that you’ll be able to spot and can show up on the outside of the panel or pipes. If you start to notice that your radiator isn’t warming the room as it should, you could be dealing with corrosion internally. Keeping your radiators free of corrosion can be tricky, but with regular maintenance, it can be achieved which prolongs its life too. 

When To Replace Them

You might assume that if your heating doesn’t work that you need to replace your boiler, but it could actually just be the radiator that needs fixing. Although a radiator can last many years, that doesn’t mean you can’t change them.  New radiators come with modern technology, and they can actually benefit you in the long run. Newer radiators can allow you to have greater control over the temperature and save you money on your energy bill. You might also want to replace your radiators for aesthetic reasons. When decorating your home, you may find that your plain white radiator doesn’t go with your new interior so you could change it up and go for something a little more fashionable. 

How Long Will It Last? 

On average, a radiator should last between 15 and 20 years. However, if you don’t maintain it well, it could break down sooner. Radiators are sturdy and can be durable enough to last you nearly two decades if they’re properly looked after. However, you may find that you replace them more regularly if they break down or you are renovating your home. Bleeding a radiator is also effective maintenance that can help its longevity too. Air can easily become trapped in radiators too and bleeding them allows you to release it and stop any potential problems. If you invest in a decent radiator and keep it free from corrosion and bleed it regularly, you can ensure a warm and toasty home for the foreseeable future.    

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