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How Technology Is Improving Road Safety


Technology is impacting everything, from the way that people communicate to how businesses are running their daily operations. One area that has not gone untouched by the impact of technological evolutions is road safety. In fact, the automotive industry has gone through some major changes in terms of safety in the last few years, all thanks to technological innovations.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the biggest topics in the field of technological innovations from the last few years is artificial intelligence, and this impact is clear in the field of road safety. One of the most impactful ways in which artificial intelligence is increasing road safety is with the use of driver tracking systems.

State-of-the-art systems like those offered by Nauto use artificial intelligence to help businesses to increase driver safety. Nauto has developed advanced computer vision and multi-sensor fusion AI algorithms to track and make real-time predictions to provide earlier warning signs to reduce the chance of risks on the road.

Smart Vehicles

Modern-day cars are being created with top-of-the-line technologies. The increased connectivity of smart vehicles can help to alert drivers to the traffic conditions ahead, which can create more informed and, therefore, safer drivers. These smart vehicles can also help to connect drivers to emergency services, further increasing road safety.

Adapted Lighting Systems

The automotive industry has experienced serious advances in recent years. Not only are headlights providing drivers with an increased view of the road, but adaptive systems are improving the safety of other drivers, too, as headlights are adapting to the presence of other drivers on the road as well as the road conditions to reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring.

Advanced Cruise Control

Technology has enabled an advance in cruise control of new cars being made. With the use of radars and cameras that are being placed behind the rearview mirror, cruise control is now able to react more quickly than the average driver, which is helping drivers to maintain a safe distance between your car and those of other drivers to reduce potential accidents.

Drive Sensitive Mobile Phones

Studies have found that around 10% of the accidents that occur on the highways of America can be attributed to distracted driving. Mobile phones are now being released with responsive systems that automatically silence alerts when the owner is driving, which reduces the chances of distracted driving from occurring.

Parking Assistance

When you think about accidents happening on the road, you will probably imagine collisions between cars driving at high speeds. However, some of the most common accidents actually occur at very low speeds. Crashing into another car or stationary object while parking can be hugely frustrating, especially as it can lead to real problems with your vehicle’s bodywork.

Parking assistance technology is reducing the number of accidents that occur while people are parking their cars. This technology provides hands-free control of a vehicle, as cars are now able to park themselves with the use of cameras and sensors.

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