How to Book Clients Through Social Media and Automation Tools


If you ask around the office, chances are that almost everyone is on some social media platform. They spend hours scrolling through Facebook looking at what old friends are up to, but that isn’t all they’re doing anymore. Many people turn to social media as a way to find businesses to hire. Platforms like Facebook give previous clients the opportunity to leave reviews which people tend to look highly upon. 

More than that, they give companies a chance to visually advertise their services to a new crowd. It makes sense that cleaning companies would want to take full advantage of what social media can offer. Pairing social media with automation tools can give you the leg up you need to beat your competition. 

If you are struggling to implement a process that will work for your company, here is everything you need to know about booking clients through social media. 

Making Your Automation Natural

Before you can dive deep into how social media and automation tools will work for your company, you need to know how to make it appear natural for your business. Your company should be actively involved on social media platforms already. This means making regular posts advertising your specials, posting pictures of your completed work, and sharing testimonials from loyal customers. 

Once you develop a loyal customer base this way, then you can move on to adding automation tools. Design a bold “book now” button on Facebook or Instagram so that your potential clients don’t even have to pick up a phone to dial your number. Make it easily visible and keep it simple for clients. 

Why Automation Matters

Your business might stay busy throughout the year with the old ways of doing things. You take a phone call, book an appointment, and follow through. While there is nothing wrong with this old system, you could be doing more to grow your company. Automating your appointment booking might lead to a large influx of appointments for you. Scheduling software for cleaning companies makes it easier on your clients and can lead to more of them. 

Imagine your typical client. Chances are that they work all day and never have time to consider the state of their home until after dinner when they finally get an opportunity to wind down for the evening. At this exact moment, they are ready to hire a cleaning crew to come in and help out. They flip through social media and the internet to find a cleaning company that can help. Unfortunately, all of the best companies are already closed for the day. 

They could put off their search and postpone hiring someone for a few more days or weeks. However, they could stumble upon your company and the convenient services you offer. 

If your company allows them to book an appointment online instantly, then you have just earned yourself a loyal customer. They can book appointments when it is convenient for them, not just during your office hours. You can take appointments 24 hours a day, seven days a week without having to be tied down to your business phone. This allows your company to work smarter instead of harder. 

Getting Employees on Board

Of course, there is more to automated booking than just client satisfaction. You need to know what to consider when automating client processes. One of the biggest obstacles is getting your employees on board with this new system. Automated booking takes away some of the responsibilities of your front office staff that are used to answering the phones, taking care of payments, and issuing reminder phone calls. In an automated workplace, they will have some concerns about their job security. 

You may have to redefine job positions and make it clear what purpose each employee serves. Make sure that you clearly explain their new roles and adjust their responsibilities accordingly. You may have to train them to do new tasks in lieu of their old ones. Give them time to settle into the new groove of things now that your processes are a bit different. It takes everyone time to get used to a new and more efficient system.

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