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How to Boost Productivity in Your Business

How to Boost Productivity in Your Business

If you run a business, you will understand how important it is to be efficient and productive. This applies to all aspects of your business, from yourself and your employees to the systems and principles you have in place. There are many ways to increase productivity in your workplace, so you can find methods and solutions that work for you and your team. Here are just a couple of ideas to help get you started.

IT Consultancy and Support

Using the correct equipment is hugely important in increasing productivity. It can be incredibly frustrating when you are waiting for computers to load or be fixed, and one way to help avoid this is by making sure you are using the correct devices and tech for what you are trying to achieve. IT consultants can help you with this, as they will work with you and your business goals to come up with appropriate IT solutions. This means that you can spend less time deciding what software to use, waiting for computers to be fixed or working out technological issues, and more time focusing on the other elements of your business. If productivity and organization are of particular importance to your business, then your IT consultant may be able to design or recommend solutions that will enhance this, such as task management software or automating as many tasks as possible.

Lean Principles

Once you have made sure that you are using the correct equipment, whether this is technological, creative, constructive, or whatever your business may need, you can also implement lean principles. These are a set of 5 principles that were originally used in manufacturing and date back to the Arsenal of Venice and the process of efficiently building ships.

The five lean principles are:

  • Identifying value
  • Mapping the value stream
  • Creating flow
  • Establish flow
  • Continual improvement

These principles aim to reduce waste and improve value to customers. Waste can mean many things, from physical waste to wasted time, and these principles can be applied to business and management to make your business more productive and efficient.


It is incredibly important to organize, schedule, and include breaks for everyone within this schedule. There are many benefits to taking breaks, and increasing productivity is one of them. They can also allow you to re-focus and motivate yourself, boost creativity and give you a chance to reflect on the work you have done so far and your goals for the day. 


Another way to boost productivity in the workplace is to delegate. There are plenty of benefits to this. Not only does it mean you don’t have to do all of the work yourself, it shows your employees that you trust them to get the job done, allows them to develop and practice skills, and can help them prepare to advance within your company. A good leader and manager knows when to delegate and understands the strengths of their different team members to determine whom to delegate to.

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