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How to Buy FIFA Coins?

How to Buy FIFA20 Coins

When it comes to one of the most prolific games ever launched, FIFA often tops the charts. From several players and clubs to beautiful customizations, FIFA has it all.

FIFA Game Modes

Part of the beauty of FIFA comes from the extensive choice it allows players. This includes the opportunity to pick several game modes. The mode of play in the latest version of FIFA (FIFA 20) is:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team
  • Career Mode
  • VOLTA Football
  • UEFA Champions League
  • Pro Clubs
  • Kick-Off
  • Tournaments
  • Skill Games
  • Practice Arena
  • Online Seasons
  • Co-op Seasons
  • Online Friendlies

Although each model has its own unique charm, the FIFA Ultimate Team is considered one of the best and is a constant feature in each new version of FIFA. The FIFA Ultimate Team mode is all about making your own squads with the players and managers of your choice. As you play, you earn different rewards that include coins and players. You can use these to improve your club.

Getting the Coins

The coins make up the currency in the FIFA Ultimate Team mode. You can use these coins to buy players and packs. All this happens in the Transfer Market.

  • There are three quick ways to earn these coins:
  • Play FUT matches to keep earning rewards.
  • You can trade items on the Transfer Market to get coins in exchange.
  • Sell items using your Quick Sell option. 

However, these are options that often take so long that players give up trying to create their ultimate team. Given the level of competition in the game mode, not many players manage to win enough matches to build their dream team. So, rather than trying to make it at the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, you could buy coins!

However, before we tell you how to buy coins, it must be made clear that EA rules prohibit buying coins. Not just that, EA even prohibits coin transfers from one player to another. 

Yet, it is possible to buy coins and have them transferred to your account. You can also do this using an auto coin generator. However, auto coin generators are not as covert as one might want. They are much easier to detect by FIFA and can result in a ban on your account.

Buying FIFA Coins

To Buy FIFA coins, you need to find a seller. Sellers often operate websites buyfifacoin dealing with FIFA coins. These sellers will charge you for the coins you receive and transfer them to your account through their own methods. The most common ways to buy FIFA coins include:

Buying Vouchers: the seller will let you purchase vouchers at a discount price. After you start playing FIFA, you can exchange this voucher for coins within the game. 

Selling Player: Make a deal with the seller to buy your player. Then all you have to do is offer your player up for sale, and the coin seller will buy the player from you at your prescribed price in coins. 

Auction: some sellers will offer to deliver you your coins through the player auction systems. The forms of these systems may vary across your operating systems. The time of delivery will also vary with them.

While these are some typical methods, every seller might have their own approach to help you receive the coins. The only real concern should be what price you pay and how reliable the seller is. Always go through the seller’s complete website to make sure you make the right choice when it comes to the seller. 

Does EA Provide a Fix?

Several people claim that FIFA has its dealers out there supplying FIFA coins to the market. However, there is no truth in that. FIFA does not sell coins in any way. However, there is a way to buy FIFA points!

With points, you can buy packs, which would otherwise cost FIFA coins. It is allowed by EA to acquire your points. There are three avenues to do so:

The FUT store sells points.

The console store sells points.

A list of EA’s trusted retailers sell points. 


In the end, one of the real takeaways here is that you can indeed buy FIFA coins. Remember to pick the right avenue and the right seller. 

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