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How to Choose the Right Wholesale Cell Phones Distributor?

Choose the Right Wholesale Cell Phones Distributor

Cell phones have become an integral part of modern life. With the new normal in place, connecting to your loved ones, studying for school, and taking business calls has become cell phone dependent. 

According to Statista, the US alone has over 260 million smartphone users. As a business owner selling cell phones, wholesale cell phone distributors play an important role in your business model, helping you cater to the market demand.

Why Buy From Wholesale Distributors?

  • You have access to a large inventory of products you want. In a traditional auction, as a buyer, you cannot pick and choose the products in bulk. But with wholesale, you adopt a hassle-free approach of restocking your inventory.
  • Time is money in business. If you are waiting too long to get your hands on new releases or other preferred models, you are losing business. With the right distributor, you should have access to real-time inventory and fast turnaround time.
  • Buying cell phones wholesale is a cost-efficient option. Though there is an upfront cost involved in buying bulk cell phones, the cost will make up for itself in the long run.

How to Choose the Right Wholesale Distributors?


Having an exhaustive inventory of cell phones at your disposal can mark your business with a competitive edge in the marketplace. For example, if you are in the niche market of selling used iPhones, and have 3 to 4 models in your inventory, it won’t be easy to sustain your business.

Before tying up with a wholesale distributor enquire about the inventory they hold. Do they offer both iPhones and Androids? How can you access their inventory? You can consider any wholesaler to be reliable if they provide you complete transparency with their merchandise. 

Turnaround Time

How soon can a wholesaler deliver your products once you have placed your order – this is what turnaround time means. As specified earlier, time is of the essence, especially when it comes to the cell phone market where the customers are spoiled for choice.

Some wholesale cell phones distributors on the market may offer to ship your products within 24 hours. Clarify if there are any conditions associated with the turnaround time. Will you receive the same service if you are purchasing 50 cell phones or 200 cell phones? Is there a maximum or minimum restriction on their purchase order? Get into the nitty-gritties of delivery to avoid any surprises later on. 


This is one among the most critical things to consider when dealing with wholesalers. When you are selling used cell phones, there are different levels of quality involved.

For example, a wholesaler offers a cell phone that functions perfectly and is almost brand new. They also offer cell phones that function correctly, but the body has several scratches. These two types of cell phones cannot be clubbed under one category.

Understand the different quality levels offered by the wholesaler. Credible wholesalers have their grading system to categorize products. This system should be leveraged to ensure products procured in bulk meet your quality expectations. 

Return Policy

Does the wholesaler have a clear return policy defined? You do not want to be stuck with a bulk order of faulty cell phones. Considering you do a quality check as mentioned in the previous step, this situation should be avoidable. But in the case of unforeseeable conditions, you should have an option to return the products.

There are different clauses involved with defects, parts, functionality, display, exceptions, number of days, and credit. Reading through the terms and conditions can be a tiresome process, but it is imperative you do so.

Participate in Industry Forums and Groups

Several industry forums and groups present on the internetwork towards creating and maintaining the business ecosystem. Industry insights, updates, releases, and reviews are usually shared with these groups. Wholesaler information may not be freely shared, thus it is essential to network with key contacts on such platforms.

If you have shortlisted wholesalers, a simple Google search can get you customer reviews. In case of multiple negative reviews, know better and steer clear from such contacts. Even with positive reviews, you should conduct your thorough research and ask the questions outlined above before placing any bulk orders.

Finding a wholesale distributor to build a long term relationship with is no mean task. You can get overwhelmed with the options at your disposal. The questions mentioned above are aimed to make the process of finding the right wholesale cell phone distributors easy. Do not shy away from trying different wholesalers. The experience you gain will help you streamline and grow your business.

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