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How to Enhance Your Gameplay with the Best Forest Cheats?


Survival games, though fun, are quite challenging to play. The Forest is one such survival game that lets you explore and build your way through the wild and mysterious forest surroundings, all the while fighting against cannibalistic mutants.  

The game works around you being the lone survivor of a plane crash. Your job is to stay alive, find food, find building supplies and protect yourself against the mutant society. With such challenging gameplay, The Forest cheats come in handy and help you survive longer in the game.

What are the Different Cheats in The Forest?

 There are typically two types of cheats you can use. One is the console command system, wherein you first need to enable the console mode from the games title menu. Once enabled, you can type in the commands, save the file and continue playing.

Some of the console commands have been moved to the main menu by the game developers. To activate these commands, all you have to do is type them in when playing. Be careful when typing these commands, as you will not be required to hit enter, nor will you get any notification or confirmation. The command works after you type it in. If you type the same command again, it will be disabled. 

How to Enable Console Cheats in The Forest?

You first need to enable the console commands from the game’s title menu. Before loading your save file, in the title menu, type in ‘developermodeon.’ Press F1; after typing in the command correctly, you should be able to see a console command.  

How to Enhance Your Gameplay with the Best Forest Cheats?

Some of The Forest cheats you can use to enhance your gameplay are as follows:

addallitems: All items, except the one in your main story, can be added to your inventory.

buildermode on/ buildermode off: The command turns on buildhack and godmode. You can build anything you want when this cheat is on. You can quickly build buildings without the need for materials. You have unlimited energy, thanks to god mode. Survival, addallitems, and enemies are also turned off, so you can complete your build with ease.

speedyrun on/ speedyrun off: You can run through the Forest with super speed. If you notice any issue with your run, try jumping or crouching to reset the run.

cavelight on/ cavelight off:  As the name suggests, it will make the caves brighter, eliminating the need to use a torch or flashlight. 

killallenemies: The cheat will kill all the enemies around you. Keep an eye out as these mutants will respawn.

forcerain heavy/ forcerain sunny: If you want those water collectors to be filled quickly, you could make it rain heavily. And if you are tired of the heavy rains and gloomy weather, you could force the sun out for a bright and sunny day.

save: It will help you save a game irrespective of the stage you are in. 

The Forest is one of the more challenging survival games out there. The Forest cheats are not your way to success, but they sure could help turn the game in your favor. You could kill enemies around you, make heavy rains, make the caves brighter, run super fast, improve stamina, and more.  

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