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How to Ensure Your Business Data Is Secure as Possible


The subject of securing online information is becoming an ever increasing ‘hot topic’ of discussion and debate for many businesses, which is no wonder really, considering the lengths that ‘cyber’ criminals will go to these days in order to obtain information from your business database. There isn’t much that can be done to stop them attempting to gain access however, there are a few things that you can do to help prevent any unwanted intrusions

  • Keep it simple

It can be easy to get carried away when it comes to tech but, no matter what anybody says, you need to keep it simple and only buy what you absolutely need both in terms of the products and the features that they possess. 

Consider PCs for example, it makes no sense to buy a machine that just about meets today’s recommended specs only to upgrade it in a year or so. You could pay more and get something that will be equivalent to the recommended specs of a machine in 4-5 years’ time.

Having said that, there is no point purchasing a PC or laptop that has a touch screen if you aren’t ever going to use the touch screen feature!

  • Device Protection

Once you’ve made your selection you should then purchase some kind of protection for your device, some will come with protective software already installed or with a ‘free’ subscription for a year however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that what you are given with the machine is best for your needs.

Do some research and speak with managed IT services professionals, they will tell you whether or not your current security solutions are appropriate or, if you need to make some changes in order to improve things. The most important thing to do is to make sure that your internal network is as secure as can be, especially if you have employees or visitors that might connect to your WIFI.

  • Only give access to those that need it

You will most likely have employees working within different roles, and their access privileges need to match their job title and requirements. For example, a manager might need something like managed file transfer access whereas a team leader may not. The team leader will need different privileges to a call operator, and then there are visitors and maybe even customers. It may sound straightforward but it is often something that is overlooked. 

In order to get the maximum protection, there are some tools, methods and tactics that are used by some of the biggest organisations worldwide and will likely help you along the way; 

  • Systems Hardening
  • Privilege Access Management 
  • Separation of Privilege
  • Network segmentation

Although there may be some internal departmental opposition to implementation, you must safeguard your most valuable assets by communicating constructively with all stakeholders. A successful cybersecurity solution must strike a balance between usability and security

  • Two step authentication and passwords

Ensuring that passwords are changed regularly and that the passwords are strong enough is crucial, two step authentication by way of a mobile app can also increase your level of security.

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