How to Get B2C Marketing Right

How to Get B2C Marketing Right

B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing is a broad term that refers to the approach of selling products, goods, and services to consumers. It is different from B2B (business-to-business) marketing.  The goals of B2C marketing would usually include things like raising brand awareness, increasing engagement, driving more sales, boosting customer retention, loyalty, and lifetime value.

By definition, business to consumer marketing is any marketing activity that occurs between a business or brand and an individual consumer who plans to use the product for their own personal use. B2C marketing is therefore centered on communicating with and urging those individual consumers to purchase your service or product.

This is why the most effective B2C marketing strategies tend to be much more emotional in nature, while B2B marketing strategies cut straight to the chase, focusing more on the bottom line. When you market to a B2B company, you’ll quickly learn that these businesses work hard to streamline the buying process because they want to save time and money. Their purchases, therefore, are usually based on logic. When you market directly to the consumer however, you can approach it a bit more personal, and there are many ways to do that.

While not all marketing strategies are created equally, they all have a place in the marketing sphere. Whether your business is B2C or B2B, most marketing strategies tend to have the same goal in mind: to build a positive reputation for your company and/or to convert sales. It helps if you understand the psychology behind marketing principles and the different ways in which you can influence your target markets.

B2C marketing strategies help you prepare for sales, track progress, and anticipate responses. All of these three factors can make your marketing campaigns more successful. That’s why it is recommended that you explore as many B2C marketing strategies as possible and familiarize yourself with how they work and what they should accomplish.

Let’s look at some of the most effective B2C marketing strategies:

1. Connecting with Prospects on a Human level.

Let’s start with content marketing. If you are focused on building relationships with your prospects, you must focus on treating them as human beings and not like potential ATM machines who are only there to dispense cash for your products. Whether you’re writing blog articles or posting on social media, create content that is authentic to your brand and voice. 

Communicate with them on a human level, whether you’re sharing your own story or helping them understand something. Let’s say that you create an online course to help people lose weight. Maybe you struggled with your own weight earlier in your life, so you know how it feels to struggle with diets and resolutions that don’t pan out.

Use those experiences to connect with your audience. Post before and after photos and talk about your experiences. Share your personal struggles.

People connect to stories like this and the message you send out is one of understanding and solidarity. According to Digital Authority Partners, personalization helps boost customer loyalty read about B2C marketing in-depth here.

2. Engaging and Creative Contests.

Everybody loves a good contest. The idea of winning something for free is almost too good to pass up – especially if an entry does not include much time and effort. Contests allow you to engage your customers while providing them with an incentive to engage with you.

Especially on social media, by hosting a contest, you create a sense of excitement and friendly competition. Potential customers are likely to share the contest with friends, – which can make a big impact on your marketing efforts as it puts your brand in front of new faces on your behalf, organically extending the reach of your B2C marketing strategies.

You can host a contest on your social media, blog, or anywhere else that seems appropriate. Many entrepreneurs use webinars to hold contests so that you boost attendance for your webinar while gaining exposure through the contest at the same time.

Make sure to follow the rules on whatever platform you choose and to give away something that your target audience would want. Also, choose a giveaway that’s related to you and your brand.

3. Prioritize Searcher Intent for SEO.

Many entrepreneurs tend to forget about searcher intent when they optimize their content for SEO. For instance, we assume that all Google searches are the same.  They are not.

Searcher intent refers to the reason behind your Google search. For example, if you are interested in something to eat, you might search for “Chinese restaurants near me”. If you’re interested in cooking, you might search for “Chinese recipes for beginners”.

Therefore, the type of search indicates its intent. Some consumers are just gathering information, others are comparing their options, and still more are ready to buy. Ideally, you will end up creating content for people in each phase, that way, they know you have answers.

4. Retargeting programs.

Retargeting might sound like a difficult concept, but it’s actually pretty simple. It’s all about reconnecting consumers who have already connected with your business in the past and is particularly relevant for B2C marketing. One of the most common ways to retarget your audience is through online SMS campaigns.

Since it is a form of paid advertising, retargeting can put a dent in your budget. However, if you use it correctly, the ROI can make the expense be worth it.

When a consumer makes contact with your business, a sequence gets triggered and the next time they visit, they will see an ad for your business. Even though they might not click on the ad, seeing the ad reinforces your brand image and helps the consumer remember your company in the future.

5. Use Social Media.

Many brands have achieved amazing success by using social media. Some of them advertise while others take the organic approach.  If you don’t have any money in the budget for paid social, try to focus on building your following through strategic B2C marketing. You can even build influencer and micro-influencer relationships that influence the buying decisions of followers and are quite a niche market.

A well-rounded B2C marketing campaign can make a huge difference in your business revenue. No matter which B2C marketing strategies you choose to employ this year, be sure to track your data as it will help you adjust your approach along the way. Regardless of which strategies you use, you can vastly improve your business’s outlook and reach more consumers.

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