How to Launch Your Own Interior Design Business

How to Launch Your Own Interior Design Business

Interior design is a multibillion-dollar industry, and there is nothing from stopping you from enjoying a share of this wealth. 

If you have a flair for fabrics, colors, and textures, and believe you have what it takes to transform homes, stores, and offices, you should turn that passion into a flourishing company.

If you’re unsure about how to get started, read the advice below on how to launch your own interior design business.

Identify Your Interior Design Services

It is essential to start off small when launching an interior design venture, as it could prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. 

While you might believe you will make more money providing a multitude of services, it is a smarter move to offer one or two exceptional services rather than five average ones.

For example, you could help with:

  • Mood boards
  • Paint palettes
  • Space planning
  • Lighting placement
  • Purchasing decisions

It might also be beneficial to only provide design advice for select rooms, such as specializing in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, or bedrooms. Once you’ve mastered a service, you can then expand your offering to clients.

Build an Online Presence

Every interior design business will need a strong online presence to acquire new customers, boost brand awareness, and enjoy a fantastic annual revenue. 

To get started, you will need to build a website, which should provide relevant information regarding your services to potential customers. What’s more, it should feature contact information to ensure they can easily get in touch with your brand. 

In addition to an attractive, easy-to-use website, you’ll also need to register your website with the search engines, publish high-quality blogs to drive traffic to your webpages, and launch business profiles on various social media networks.

Find Reputable Suppliers for Your Creations

Many interior designers choose to create their own products from scratch, which can help them to create truly unique and stunning furniture while lowering their overheads.

For instance, if you’re more than happy to create your own furniture, cabinets, and shelving, you should visit for high-quality MDF, plywood, and hardboard, plus much more. You can make premium products that your clients will adore, which could lead to greater word of mouth and a bigger profit margin.

Start Promoting Your Business

Once you have defined your services, launched a website, and created social media profiles, your next step should be to consistently promote your new venture

It is important to bear in mind that potential clients won’t find your site once you’ve hit publish, as you’ll need to embark on a variety of SEO tactics to increase your ranking on the likes of Google and Bing.

There are also other ways you can promote your business, such as:

  • Handing out professional business cards
  • Using paid advertisements
  • Networking
  • Attending tradeshows
  • Asking loved ones to spread the word about your business

Look for ways to boost your word of mouth marketing, and you could attempt to gain free press to boost your brand recognition and reputation.

If you follow these helpful tips and are persistent with your efforts, it should only be a matter of time until you secure your first customer. 

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