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How to play and win real money in Bitcoin Lottery


Casinos put money in crypto gambling, and people earn money by playing. What does this mean? The casino introduces a game with random results — roulette, slots, etc. The player bets on the result and hopes that he is lucky enough to win more than the casino. That’s where the risk meets opportunities.

How does Bitcoin Lottery work?

Bitcoin Lottery players are rewarded in cryptocurrency, such as BTC, rather than fiat money. This is because cryptocurrency has characteristics that make it a superior choice to fiat money. It is decentralized, transparent and anonymous, which means that players do not have to provide their personal details when making transactions.

In case you are a blockchain enthusiast and want to try your luck in a casino, welcome to Bitcoin Lottery — a fully licensed and certified online casino fully based on blockchain technology.

The unique advantage of the world’s first Ethereum-based casino lies in its transparency and in the absence of a single point of failure.

The casino is transparent, open and absolutely fair, so anyone can confirm that no entity or person has ever manipulated the results of calculations on this casino.

In order to exclude any single point of failure, there are no servers operated by the casino. All the games are executed on the Ethereum network with no instances having direct access to any information about the user’s activity and results.

The casino has a license of Curacao eGaming. This means that Bitcoin Casino lotteries complies with all the laws and is ready to provide all the necessary proof of its compliance to anyone.

If you enjoy playing online casinos, there’s nothing easier than starting to play in Bitcoin Lottery in casino. Just download the application from Google Play or App Store, install it and enjoy playing in a mobile-optimized casino.

There are more options of wallet to choose from: you can download a light version that is a browser for the Ethereum network, or install the desktop version of MyEthereumWallet.

As soon as you get to BTC lottery, you can play one of the games immediately without any hassle. The registration is fast, easy and anonymous – you can create an account with a username chosen by you and a password chosen by you, and that’s it!

Try your luck and win money without any risk on the Blockchain casino  – you will get a fair game and be paid your money.

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