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How to Request a Child Support Modification


If you currently receive child support from your former spouse and the other parent of your children, you may feel that it is simply not enough. If you are the one who has the kids most of the time and you are constantly footing the bill for just about everything, you may be struggling and falling behind while only receiving a small amount of money from your ex. When there is a reason to believe that your ex could pay more in child support to help with the kids, it is necessary to request a modification of that support to potentially get it increased. You might assume that it is a lengthy process, but you would only need to do a few simple things to put in that request.

File a Motion With the Court

When you would like to have the child support payments modified, you need to file a motion with the court letting them know that you are putting in such a request. Your motion should include some important details. For example, you may feel like the other parent of your children should currently pay more child support than before because he or she recently got a new job that pays much better than the previous job. Explain your reasoning for wanting to receive an adjustment in the amount of child support you are receiving each month. The judge will need to carefully review the situation.

Contact an Attorney to Help File the Motion

If you are not sure how to file a motion and you want to make sure that you are doing things correctly, you should hire an attorney to help you take care of these important steps. You need more child support because it is for the children. You want them to have exactly what they need, but you might not be able to provide everything on your own. If you know that your ex is making more money, you have the right to request more compensation from him or her in the form of child support. An attorney can help you prepare a written request that is sent to the court and reviewed by the judge. Upon reviewing the situation, the judge will either grant the motion to increase child support payments or inform you of any other decision that is made.

Need to Request a Child Support Modification? Giro Law Would Like to Help You

After struggling for quite a while, you might feel like it is time to request a modification of the child support payments that you receive. If your ex is not paying enough for the children, you may need more money from him or her to help support the kids. Putting in a request for a child support modification is not as challenging as it sounds. With a lawyer there to help you along the way, you can get it done with ease. At Giro Law, we are prepared to help our clients request child support modifications. When you are ready to do so, reach out to us at 201-690-1642.

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