How to Trade Bullion Online Easily?

How to Trade Bullion Online Easily?

Bullion has changed the way retail customers invest in gold and silver. It is a simple process that allows an investor with an online system to buy and sell gold and silver to retail customers in smaller denominations at a wholesale price in a simple, and convenient manner. The retail customers can buy or sell gold and silver daily at live prices displayed on various platforms like It also allows the customer to store the gold/silver in a secured vault.

You can open an account in the following two ways:

Purchase online

Due to Government regulations, it is mandatory to verify a customer’s identity to finalise the application. The live prices are automatically updated in real-time, refreshing every five minutes. This gives investors the ability to monitor the market and has enough time to complete their purchase online.

  • Method of Payment: EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer.) via internet banking is accepted for online purchases. However, the payment should be completed within 30 minutes so that you can lock in the metal.
  • In-person: You can visit one of the offices and ask the consultants to explain the product and pricing.
  • Method of Payment: Cash, cheque, debit/ credit card (surcharges apply) and EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) for all over the counter purchases are accepted.

Obtaining the bullion

The method of obtaining the purchased goods is dependent on the client’s individual preference.

  • Storage- Safeguarding your gold and silver bullion are an important consideration as storing it at home has become an increasingly risky proposition. Most of the trading facilities offer a private vaulting service for physical bullion and other valuables.
  • Delivery- Once the payment and identity documents are verified, parcels are sent out within 3-4 working days.


Many online platforms have made the process of selling back gold and silver, simple and easy, offering extremely competitive prices for clients and buying back any brand, regardless of whether it has been purchased from the company or not. The buyback price is determined by the current spot price less a premium. 

The good time to sell back depends on economic circumstances. If you need to access the funds, the right time is now, and the great thing about precious metals is there are many ways in which you can sell at the current spot price less a premium. The premium is different for every metal type, and it doesn’t vary by the load and shape. In most occurrences, the premium is non-changeable. However, it may change in volatile conditions. For example, in case there is a shortage of precious metals and the demand increases, you may get more selling your gold.

For a safe, convenient and fair transaction, the easiest way is to buy online from your home’s safety and shipping you the metals to a trustworthy storage facility. This way, you never have to expose yourself to the possibility of assault, and dramatically decrease the possibility of burglary or theft. You don’t need to tell anyone that you’ve invested — it’s completely anonymous. Whenever you’re ready to sell, you can notify your storage company to sell your metals at an agreed-upon price. It’s an effortless way for investors to make sure their entire investment process is simple and seamless.

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