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How to Win a Scholarship – Full Guide 2020

How to Win a Scholarship Guide of 2020

Scholarships are essentially financial aid toward schools and courses which are gifted, rather than loans or need-based grants that accrue interest from the moment it is taken out. With a scholarship, part or all the funding will be covered, so that talented students have the option to further their career debt-free while being treated as an investment. 

While scholarships are a gift, they also come with strings attached, which are usually rules and clauses which must be kept intact to receive the scholarship money. That being said, where does a student even begin to look for winning a scholarship?

This piece will serve as a guide on what to do and where to look.

Write a Standout Resume for a Scholarship

Those who are looking to win a scholarship need to be able to stand out from the rest, which is where an exceptional resume comes in. 

A resume should cover anything from extracurricular activities, awards that have been achieved, accomplishments, and interests. A resume can also help support an application and allow teachers to write letters of recommendation that coincide with the content.

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Apply to as Many Scholarships as Possible

Like most things, scholarships is a numbers game, and the more you apply for, the more it should statistically increase the chances of obtaining one. A student can have all the skills, goals, and achievements necessary for a scholarship, but luck is also an extremely important factor too. 

That said, it is important that scholarships are applied for only if the student matches all the criteria. The same applications or essays can be used for each scholarship to save time, but make sure they are personalized to the specific scholarship and be sure to proofread everything!  

Do Not Miss Scholarship Deadlines

Half of the deadlines for scholarships are during the fall, and the other half is during spring, so it is important to be prepared. Start searching for scholarships from the moment grades have been confirmed and pay attention to what the scholarship requires of the student. There are scholarships for different levels of education, but the terms and conditions can vary, such as already having a college, or another progressive position confirmed.

Always Complete the Optional Scholarship Application Work

If any scholarship applications that are being applied for have any “optional work” attached to it, make sure you do it. This not only shows that the student is both serious and keen about the scholarship, but it also shows initiative and the willingness to go the extra mile.

This is another one of those tips that will help student applications stand out from the ones who opted out of their extras.

Do Not Wait to Apply to a Scholarship Last Minute

There is nothing worse than having minutes to spare, only for the internet to crash, the laptop to die, or the essay that has been so carefully constructed to disappear into the computer abyss with no trace. Leaving applications until the last minute means there is no room for error, even if the error is no one’s fault. So, make sure to leave plenty of time to get the application in.

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