How Your Data Is Protected Through Microsoft Products


Do you find yourself wondering if your current IT systems and devices are properly protected and your data is secure? Are you looking at options to improve the overall security of your business and its personal data? If this sounds like you – Microsoft Products are surely the answer to your worries. 

Whether you’re using Full IT Support Services or Outsourced IT Support Offerings, the security you receive from your Microsoft products will never waiver depending on the support you have. 

There are so many different IT Support Providers out there, if you want one who understands Microsoft products and licenses the best, you should most definitely look at partner with an IT Support Company who are a registered Microsoft Partner. If you’re unsure where to begin, look at your region, say you live in the United Kingdom – reach out to Microsoft and ask to be put in touch with one of their trusted Partners and IT Support Company UK Businesses trust and can vouch for. 

So how do Microsoft and their partners promise security and peace of mind? Let’s take you through how they do this in more detail below.

Microsoft are completely transparent about their policies, practices, operations, as well as the technologies available to you with the main reason being that they want to ensure the security, privacy, as well as compliance of your data across all Microsoft services that are available to you. You will always know exactly where your data is being stored as well as how it is being used.

Microsoft have a number of ways in which they protect not only your company or enterprise data but your personal data as well. They make use of strong encryptions and encrypt each and every single one of their customer’s data with the highest possible standard of encryption – Microsoft also have vowed they never release any encryption keys to governments so there is no way to break their encryptions. 

One of the biggest messages that Microsoft want their customers to know is that they place privacy as one of their core values. They will only ever use technology if they themselves trust the tech. Microsoft understands that when their customers make use of Cloud-bases systems, you are entrusting them with your most valuable data – all Microsoft contracts are grounded in strict, strong contractual guarantees so you can completely trust that your data is being protected correctly and the confidentiality of your data is being upheld in the right ways too. 

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