Increase your productivity at work

Increase your productivity at work

Most people had a difficult time focusing and being productive at work. Only a few people don’t have to struggle with issues of productivity and focus. Most people spend time at work, but they don’t have to show it at the end of the day.

You find that you want to be productive most of the days, but you just can’t. Sometimes it may be an issue of planning, and sometimes it might not. You might have come up with a plan of the day the night before, but even after setting out goals to accomplish, you still find yourself not accomplishing any task. Time management is a skill you need to learn despite whatever amount of time you have. Another skill you need is boosting your productivity. Everyone has the same 24hours, and for you to succeed, it is crucial how you manage those 24 hours. You can find additional articles on productivity and work on online dissertation writing service.

How can you maintain and focus and boost productivity at work? Here are tips that will make you more productive at work.

1. Avoid multitasking

Many people are of the schools of thought that the more you are doing, the more productive you are. It cannot be further from the truth. The habit is multitasking gets overrated. There is always a temptation to doing many things at the same time. Some people boast when they find themselves doing different things at the same time. It has come to the point that during work interviews, people list multitasking as a skill.

Research shows that it is impossible to multitask as a human being. The truth of the matter is you divide your time among different tasks. And all along, you are lying to yourself about multitasking.

The challenge with this is that you have divided attention between all the tasks you are carrying out. This divided attention leads to your performance to be poor since you did not have full concentration on any of the tasks.

If you want to efficiently and quickly complete your tasks, focus on each task at a time. You will end up completing a lot in a short time.

2. Take breaks

Working long hours without taking breaks is not suitable for your productivity. Society peddles the idea that if you work for long, you will get more work done. Nothing can be further from the truth. It would be best if you replenish your body’s energy, and when you work and deplete your energy, the quality of work also declines.

Having a break is good. It boosts your ability to concentrate and also boosts your mood. When working, try and include breaks in between to ensure you stay productive.

For example, you can decide to take a 10-minute break for every hour you work. These 10 minutes will replenish your energy. If you are working longer hours, you can also have a more extended break.

3. Break goals down

When we set goals, many people set big goals. Having big goals motivates us to work harder and harder. But sometimes looking at those big goals can intimidate us. And when we feel intimidated, our morale gets killed, and it affects our productivity.

To overcome this hurdle, the best thing to do is to break down these goals. The goals should be small and manageable. Having smaller goals gives you the feeling of control, and this motivates you to achieve the goal.

4. Handle heavy tasks at your most productive time

When we have some assignments to attend to, we tend to put off the harder stuff. We choose to start with the easy work. When we start with the east tasks, we will have tired when we come to the hard tasks. Being exhausted will make hard work look even harder. And most of the time, you find that the hard stuff is usually the most important.

The best way around this is by knowing yourself. What times are you at your best when are you most alert? You will be able to find the best time to handle the hard work using these questions. We should take advantage of the time that we are most productive.


There are many ways to ensure that you increase your productivity at work. This list just mentions a few. Productivity is not about big things but little changes here and there to improve yourself.

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