Jas Mathur: Tackling Diabetes One Celebrity at a Time


For world-class celebrities like R&B Singer Ray J, building their fanbase and creating art can be absolutely overwhelming. A grueling lifestyle of touring, press, travel, performing, and providing the media their fans crave can quickly crowd out any meaningful efforts in pursuing physical fitness. As a case in point, Ray J was on the verge of developing diabetes in the midst of an intense celebrity lifestyle. He connected with one of his best friends, Jas Mathur, who quickly helped him turn his life around by

Helping High Achievers Change

In November 2018, Jas made a choice to overcome his shyness and become the face of his own brand, Limitless (Limitless Performance, Inc.). With popular celebrity support, Jas has dominated the social media world (Instagram in particular) as a source of hope and inspiration to the masses. At the root, Jas’ message through his Limitless platform is simple: REINVENT YOURSELF.

Everyone needs a voice of encouragement, and even for people at the top of their craft like Ray J, Jas has been the encouragement and motivation they need. Jas realizes that a healthy body helps people stay in sync with the world and boosts their confidence, not to mention helps them live a more fulfilling life. Jas himself, once almost 500 pounds and on the verge of early death, started small: he once couldn’t last 60 seconds on a treadmill, and now helps some of the world’s highest achievers push past their boundaries. In order to REINVENT YOURSELF, you need to remember that choices matter.  Above all, the discipline to actually make the choices matters even more.

It’s easy to romanticize celebrities as super-people or otherworldly, but celebrities are also humans just like the rest of us and struggle with health and fitness just like we all do. As a highly successful entrepreneur even while being morbidly obese at one point, Jas knows that achieving in one area of life does not always mean one will be able to achieve in another. Instead of running when called to help a high achiever like Ray J, Jas has taken on the challenge to help create lasting change in people others would typically be intimidated to be around. 

Overcoming, Not Underestimating

Even when Jas was living a physically unhealthy lifestyle, he has always had the forethought and determination to always learn, grow and be open to new industries and challenges as a businessman, from the tender age of 12.

He began by publishing backstage wrestling news in AOL and mIRC chat rooms. He used this experience to create his own message board-like websites and in less than a year, they became some of the most frequently visited wrestling news websites in the world. He sold his network of sites to a media conglomerate at 16 years of age and founded a series of successful companies in various industries such as Satellite TV, Digital Surveillance, Online Dating, Online Gambling, and Internet Advertising. Jas started importing products from China at age 19 and was producing over $50 million per year in revenue in the consumer electronics, digital security, and surveillance industries by his mid-twenties. What started as an online business, expanded into brick and mortar stores with retail, wholesale and distribution of over 2,500 SKUs.

Many people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in five years. So often we hold ourselves back from accomplishing our goals because we are afraid of making the leap we need to make or taking the risk required. And yet we spread yourself too thin in areas of life that don’t matter, overestimating how much time and energy we have, how much money we can spend, and how much we can accomplish in a short time, burning ourselves out in the process. And then we begin a cycle of disenchantment: we become jaded at what we haven’t achieved instead of strategically planning what we can achieve if we are consistent over a long period of time. REINVENT YOURSELF.  Choices matter.  The self-discipline to actually make the RIGHT CHOICES matters even more.

Jas has helped countless people look carefully at the way they think and re-engineer their motives, internal dialogue, and determination. He’s helped people realize what they can accomplish with consistent discipline and focus, and he’s given even the highest achieving celebrities the change of mindset and motivation they need to achieve what they want.

For Jas, the future is truly limitless. His current trademarked products and projects include, NZT-48, Divatrim, Amarose, Xanquil, SmartSurf, Limitless Pay and continued growth and innovation in Fintech (a financial and technology crossover space), in order to better serve companies that use technology to provide financial services to businesses or consumers.

His up-and-coming venture is Amarose, which is a partnership with entrepreneur and television personality Amanda Saccomanno. Amarose, which will be launched this Summer, is a line of beauty, skincare and personal care products.

From Defeat to Destiny

Ray J realized that he needed help before his lifestyle choices took over his happiness, and at age 37 he committed to making choices in working with Jas to rebuild his mentality and behaviors. Ray J reinvented himself and realized the power of discipline to actually make the choices to change based on Jas’ guidance. 

 They worked together to build a manageable, achievable, and measurable plan in small increments. One principle one can derive from Jas’s example is that it’s better to cut large goals into small goals and celebrate wins along the way then to set lofty and unachievable goals that only set people up for failure.


Initiating acceleration of solutions Apoorv Gupta (AG) is serial entrepreneur and known for growth hacking, brand management, scalability consulting. He is well conserved in fintech and blockchain space. Monitored and analysed both short and long-term growth plan for startups. Specialties: Investment analysis, competitive analysis, business development & growth marketing.

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