Key Managed IT Services for your Company


IT stands for information technology and includes all your hardware and software needed to work on company systems and the internet. Especially for a small to medium-sized company, it makes more sense to hire managed IT services than to staff a full IT department. We provide a guide to help you understand what these services are and how a managed IT service is beneficial to your company.

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services consist of a myriad of individual services, including:

By investing in managed IT services, you have less to worry about and can minimize downtime.

Reduced Costs

Employing IT staff and an IT manager requires you to pay monthly salaries, pay authorized leave or absences, and purchase additional equipment and offices. Managed IT services come at a fixed cost and are available when and where you need them. Over time, as your company expands, you will require more managed IT services, such as an IT Helpdesk and website development. An IT services provider will be able to keep up with your evolving requirements. 

Decrease your Workload.

Getting managed IT services will decrease your workload if you are a single, struggling entrepreneur. For the bigger company, it will alleviate the need for IT staff to deal with tedious tasks such as carrying out hardware and software updates and helping employees with daily issues such as difficulty logging in or lost files. The managed services will include a helpdesk to deal with these enquiries. This allows your IT staff to handle important projects without being continuously disrupted.

Managed IT Services Keep Pace with Business Growth

When your company grows and expands in new directions, the IT services you need also increase. Outsourcing this function will allow you to add new requirements as they arise. Else you would be faced with hiring new staff, such as a web developer with the specific expertise for the job. Your managed IT service provider can add additional functionality over time for a small increase in your set monthly fee. This is a lot more cost-effective than hiring new employees.

New Technologies

IT companies keep up to date with the latest technology that company managers and owners are often unaware of. Your IT service provider will be able to transition your company to newer systems with better features when they come out if these systems are advantageous for you. The system updates will be run remotely in the background so that you always have the latest version. Your provider can also obtain the best prices for you due to their relationship with these vendors.

Compliance Management

Information is protected by the law. Your IT service provider will ensure that you are compliant with the data protection legislation to protect personal data belonging to customers and employees. This includes payment data. A company can be fined for being in breach of the data protection acts.

A managed IT service has many benefits for any company. 

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