Live Temp Pro Review 2020 : Best Contactless Infrared Digital Thermometer‎

LiveTemp Pro Review 2020 Best Contactless Infrared Digital Thermometer‎

Live Temp Pro Thermometer is a useful and most powerful tool for measuring the body’s temperature. The best part is that it also measures the body’s temperature according to the new virus. Are you frustrated with the inaccurate results of your traditional thermometer? Then, it’s time to replace the old one with LiveTempPro.

We often fall sick. Currently, Coronavirus creates a significant threat in the mind of people. Therefore, it is essential to measure body temperature accurately. LiveTemp Pro captures the body heat through infrared waves and delivers results in seconds. Nowadays, this device is quite trending in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany, France, and Italy, with the exclusive offer 50% discount. Despite this exciting offer, people want to know, is it legit or not? To find an answer, please read our full LiveTemp Pro Thermometer Reviews to understand in a better way.

What is LiveTemp Pro?

LiveTemp Pro is a handheld infrared thermometer that used to measure body temperature during fever. The reading rate of the temperature is 0.5 seconds. You need to point the thermometer and squeeze the handle. It will detect heat automatically.

It has a digital LCD screen that makes reading easy. This lightweight equipment is easy to carry. It checks the heat within one second. The color alarm creates a buzz when a person is infected with a high fever or with average temperature.

LiveTemp Pro Features

Contamination Free Infrared Body Thermometer

Learn Instantly Your Body Temperature

Fast Scan Time Just 1 Second Per Scan

Suitable For Everyone, Children and Adults

No Contraindications To Use Frequently

The Only Thermometer Needed At Home and Everywhere

Benefits of LiveTemp Pro Thermometer

The non-touching feature of this thermometer guarantees checking without spreading infections.

It checks the body heat within one second. Thus, it produces accurate results at a fast pace.

The device contains three physical buttons on the surface. People can easily control the device through these buttons. Therefore, it is simple and easy to use.

It also keeps the record of the previous temperature of the person. 

LiveTemp Pro Thermometer Reviews states that it is the best device for little kids who do not let doctors check the temperature with the traditional thermometer. You need to hold the thermometer above the child’s head. And, it will automatically detect the temperature. 

Despite the human body, it also checks the heat of liquids, electronic devices, rooms, and other household objects.

It’s battery indicator feature informs about the status of the battery when the power is low.

How to Use a LiveTemp Pro Forehead Thermometer?

LiveTemp Pro thermometers can be used in two different ways – by contact and by hovering. We have provided step-by-step process of each way below

Contact Method

Switch on the thermometer

Make sure forehead of the patient is completely dry

Place the thermometer on patient’s forehead

Once the temperature is recorder, it will notify through a beep or any other noise. Usually, this process takes 3 seconds or up to minute based on the thermometer you are using

Now remove it and check out the temperature

For actual internal body temperature, we recommend to add one degree to the recorded reading.

Hovering Method:

Switch on the forehead or non-contact thermometer

Place it about 1 to 2 inches away from the forehead

Press and hold the button on the thermometer in order to display two red circles on the forehead

Move the device closer or farther from the forehead until the red circles merge into one. For this step to work properly, patient has to remain still until the process is complete

Now, you can release the button and wait until the thermometer beeps indicating temperature

Check the temperature reading and add 1 degree to the recorded temperature result to get the temperature of core body

Tips to Consider While Using LiveTemp Pro Thermometer

It is always recommended to read the instructions carefully before using the thermometer. Different models have different safety precautions and usage guidelines.

Make sure the forehead is dry and clean before using the thermometer. Because dirt and wetness can affect the reading.

For accurate readings, make sure the patient is at least 30 minutes inside the home. Exposure to cold or hot outdoor environment conditions can affect the thermometer readings.

Before taking the reading, thermometer and user has to be at same ambient temperature for at least 10 minutes to get accurate results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Especially, when it comes to the temperature and health of their children, consumers are right to have a number of questions. This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about LiveTemp Pro and the company behind it?

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