New mobile apps in business – do they lead us to digital imprisonment

New mobile apps in business – do they lead us to digital imprisonment

Souls Caught in Digital Cages: Why Creating New Business Is Pulling New Apps Development

Let us assume that new businesses require recognition and customer loyalty. That is why they need some effective instrument like a new mobile application for achieving their goals, even if their budget is shoe-string.

However, there is the other side of this coin. It is a philosophical issue as nowadays smartphones play an important role for people in their empiric experience and getting to know the world around them. They separate most of the people who do not need physical communication or real-life ties anymore. 

Under such conditions, an experienced app developer can play the role of a mighty and reputable guru who can change the mindset of the whole generation. Thus, looking for app developer who could play such a role in business development is a foremost requirement for any startup.

The article revolves around the pros and cons of such digitalization advance and how it could be used by businesses for their further promotion with regards to the philosophy of information.

Using Mobile Apps as a Powerful Tool in Philosophy of Information 

In the philosophical aspect of the problem, ICT is not a mere tool for getting information, but it is a part of our living environment. The modern philosopher Luciano Floridi argues that technology is a powerful source for anthropological, interpretative, and social research.

Philosophy is rather forgotten in the modern reality of e-commerce, social media, applications, cloud computing, smartphones, and online courses. Though, we need it more now than ever before. We are witnessing the digital revolution, and we need a special set of philosophical postulates to cope with all the far-going perspectives and possible challenges. The central issue here is whether a smartphone has already found its way as a memory and soul storage for mankind.

The matter is that there are people who believe in technology and support its further development (technophiles) and those who hate its progress (technophobes). Both of these categories want to know what is coming next. Both of them are, to a certain extent, afraid of this new way of communication through apps for smartphones, for example, because it changes our physical and intellectual abilities to interpret the world around us.

There are no further barriers between our online and offline lifestyles, and our everyday routines are closely connected with the use of smartphones and other technological devices. It means that no one is safe against external intrusion, so mobile application security is the core issue.

With this openness, metaphysical concepts have changed much. That is why Professor Florida calls these processes the fourth revolution that is as much important in humankind’s development as those provoked by Copernicus, Darwin, and Freud. The present-day tech scenario needs more responsibility in viewing ourselves, other people, and the entire world. The powerful environmental force is represented by ICT in various spheres like social relations, politics, law, finance, mass media, medicine, warfare, and many others, and it influences everybody. Another question is whether it empowers or controls our lives. 

What Does Marketing Have in Common with the Philosophy of Information

The philosophy of information is important for the sphere of commerce and business startups because they inevitably need further and further advance in new mobile apps as well as in updated online services for the reasons of gaining customers and become recognizable. 

If you start your own business or want to rebrand the existing one, a mobile site is a must from the marketing perspective. Reaching a wider audience or customer pool requires using the latest SEO trend, and this is more common and available for mobile sites. It means that the brand’s popularity should directly correlate with further app advances. The new and more advanced apps will allow getting better results in:

            customer loyalty growth;

            sales growth;

            audience building and maintenance;

            customer engagement;

            standing out from the crowd;

            enhancing brand recognition;

            collecting important marketing information. 

The app developer salary is high because only the best computer engineers can keep your newly-formed business ranked among the tops of search results. The boosted salary, in its turn, leads to turning such an investment into a number of devoted consumers. The cycle is closed. The society needs more developments for being able to consume the results of their use. The philosophy of information is gradually turning into the philosophy of consumerism.

Benefits That App Developers Could Bring to Your Business

The importance of mobile application development for a new business is supported by the fact that millions of people are using smartphones in the modern world. That’s why it is much easier for them to make a purchase, order some service, or pay their bills while having a cup of coffee at home. Therefore, they prefer using a smartphone for any purpose to traditional offline methods of shopping or consuming services.

If you are new in business, your first objective is to gain recognition. Traditional advertising techniques like billboards or roadside banners, commercials on TV or newspaper ads, flyers or flashing signs, coupons or website banners do not attract potential customers’ attention anymore. Instead of spending a fortune on these expensive advertisement tools, you may opt for a functional app that lets clients get involved regularly. The more they use it, the more they like the products or services they can purchase in such away. This is a new rule in advertising which is called effective frequency. It says that when a customer encounters a certain brand more than 20 times in a row, this brand can be regarded as truly noticed.

There are also other points for a new business to consider while deciding to involve application developers in the process. Due to contemporary conditions, a newly-created mobile application can serve as a mechanism for further gains.

Sales Growth

The app can help to send customers some promotions, bonus notifications or special offers by directly contacting the wide audience. Another benefit here is the ability for customers to make online payments.

Audience Building

With apps for business, our globe is becoming smaller and smaller, and now you establish and maintain relationships with customers, no matter where they reside. Each new user who decides to install your application on the phone automatically becomes your customer and a part of your informational space.

By combining the use of the website and mobile application, you can make your audience even more engaged and enthusiastic.

Visibility to Clients

The fact that people prefer using the smartphone instead of the site on PC sounds favorable for any business. People like to use their devices everywhere – at the bus stop, waiting in a queue, commuting, and even while watching TV. So, the more they scroll, search, unlock and sign in, the more often they can see the logo, name, or image of your company.

More Direct Marketing

You can get a lot of information about your customers from mobile apps. For example, you can research their demographics or geographical location. And vice versa, you can give more information about your products and services in the same way. Such information may include prices or promotions, product specifications or news feeds, special rates or new features.

There are many other benefits of developing apps for smartphones specifically for a company, startup, or even a fresh idea. Moreover, you may use your app as a social platform. Including such features as in-app messaging, photo-sharing, likes and comments will make it even more effective. 


To sum up, it is essential to argue that new businesses enhance new mobile application development. This leads to changing the empiric philosophical concepts of the past into the philosophy of information. The latter has already become a part of our living environment nowadays.

The question of whether we can control the technological development and continue our offline communication, or possibly the technology has started controlling us is not answered yet. However, we cannot state that we are living in a certain digital cage where our soul and mind are imprisoned, but we must be aware of a certain danger for such a scenario. 

No matter how many new applications can appear and how much an experienced app developer can contribute to this process, let us hope that real human communication will remain the overall value and aim for people. So, the issue is still open for any thoughts and ideas put forward by both technophobes and technophiles.

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