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Mining digital is one of the most dynamic sectors of the global economy. There passes not a single day without the same to generate important events. In this sense, we present a summary of the latest news on mining Bitcoin highlights of the week.

One of the most interesting events of the industry, was the new difficulty setting the network Blockchain from the main of the criptomonedas. Last Tuesday June 30, the setting remained virtually motionless with respect to the previous June 16.

It is a fact that is extremely rare. The little variability of the settings of difficulty of the network has occurred 8 times since the creation of Bitcoin. However, such a low level was only reached in march 2010 when the variation was 0%.

Mining Bitcoin in context

Up to the present date, the season of rains is maintained in the chinese province of Sichuan. This has allowed the mining Bitcoin take advantage of the low costs of energy produced by hydropower, in order to get the most out of teams of little power of hash.

It is for this reason that the Hash Rate of Bitcoin has not suffered a new decline in significant. To this sum, shipments of equipment of last generation, has increased. In this way, we may be seeing a rise in the power of the hash of the criptomoneda, followed by a new low.

The hypothetical descent could happen in October, when the rainy season in the above-mentioned province, china. In the same way, we may be seeing news about the low Hash Rate of the mining Bitcoin, if the next settings of difficulty are on the increase.

For its part, the price of the criptomoneda, it has remained a week longer in the range of $9,000 to $9,900 grant for the last two months. This stability has allowed the mining Bitcoin to keep up with a few changes in regard to the withdrawal of ASICs obsolete.

Another fact not less important, has been the revenue of mining Bitcoin during the month of June. According to the charts Coin Metricsin comparison with the month of may, the income of the miners descended in a 23%, which is evidence that are still feeling the effects of the Halving.

According to news, the equipment manufacturers of mining Bitcoin does not succeed in overcoming a bad streak in their quotes on Nasdaq. Source:
According to news, the equipment manufacturers of mining Bitcoin does not succeed in overcoming a bad streak in their quotes on Nasdaq. Source:

The problems continue for the manufacturers of ASIC

During the week, among the most outstanding news, was the misstep of the manufacturer of mining machine Bitcoin Ebangon the New York stock exchange. After its recent debut, the last 26 of June, the company went through a series of legal problems that they did fall by 8% the value of their quotes in Nasdaq.

For their part, the other company manufacturer of hardwares, Canaan Creatives, it also brings new in the bag. This other firm of chinese origin, has not had good news in Nasdaq. Their actions from the month of may began to plummet. This Friday they closed at $1.81.

The other large manufacturers of mining equipment Bitcoin Bitmainalthough in the course of this week, reported no news of its internal situation, it is kept in a fight internally between its founders. This fact has caused the firm to lose power in the market.

Between the important news of the week in terms of mining Bitcoin, is the increase of the Hash Rate of this criptomoneda. Source
Between the important news of the week in terms of mining Bitcoin, is the increase of the Hash Rate of this criptomoneda. Source

These are the news about mining Bitcoin most important of the week

  • Revenue by mining Bitcoin fell 23% during the month of June compared with the previous month.
  • Difficulty of mining Bitcoin keeps static after new setting.
  • Actions of Ebang started poorly in Nasdaq.
  • Canaan Creatives fails to overcome decline of quotations on the New York stock exchange.
  • Demand for Bitcoin will exceed the existing supply in a period of 4 to 8 years.

Data to be taken into consideration

  • The difficulty of the network Blockchain for execution of the process of mining Bitcoin, remained nearly unchanged with respect to the last adjustment. The change was only 0.0033%.
  • According to the Centre for Alternative financing of the University of Cambridgethe province of Sichuan centralizes the 9.66% of all the power of the hash world and is the second largest in China after Xingjiang, which occupies the 35.76%.
  • The price of Bitcoin have remained for two months, between $9,000 and $9,900 grant dollars. Even shooting $10,000.
  • The highest point of the shares of Canaan Creatives on Nasdaq, reported the may 13 and 14, when they were placed in almost $6. From that moment began with the collapse of the that have not been recovered.
  • Of the large equipment manufacturers, ASIC mining Bitcoin, only MicroBT shows a winning streak and has been kept away from problems.
  • According to news, the income from mining Bitcoin in may was $366 billion, while in June were $288 million, which represents a decrease of 23%.
  • Hash Rate of Bitcoin is located in 119.8 EH/s.

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