Online Medical Billing Services Provide Fast, Secure Billing and Efficient Reimbursement

Online Medical Billing Services Provide Fast, Secure Billing and Efficient Reimbursement

Until you understand how the system works, performing medical billing services online will sound strange—but the security and technology aren’t really any different from having your billing done on a different floor of the building you are in.

Your coders put their information into the software and instead of it going through a cable to a computer in the office upstairs, the data is sent to the biller’s computer wherever they are located. The same highly secure systems are available for medical billing that is used by banks and other organizations that require top-level security.

Why Medical Billing Services Get Faster Reimbursements

When medical billing is done in-house, it isn’t the top priority. Patient care comes first, and there can be many distractions. If the billing staff is small, an absence can throw off the entire week’s billing, especially if it is the supervisor and the other billers are inexperienced.

Online Medical Billing Services Provide Fast, Secure Billing and Efficient Reimbursement

When the work is outsourced to professional medical billing services, it is taken care of by a team that has no other responsibilities. A large medical billing company will have enough billers on staff to dedicate a team to your practice so that they all are experienced with your specialization and get to know your billing needs quickly.

If a member of the team becomes ill or quits, there are other employees who can be slotted in, with no loss of time for your claims getting processed. This fast, focused workflow gets claims filed correctly and quickly, which means they can be paid faster.

How Medical Billing Professionals Increase Overall Revenue

Having more money for your business is an unexpected benefit of hiring an outside company to provide medical billing services. Practitioners are often leery of committing to what they fear will be an additional expense, but that isn’t the way the numbers work out.

If you are currently doing billing in-house, you are already paying salaries and benefits for billers, and if you have a number of them, you also have associated HR staff expenses for the personnel required to hire and manage those aspects of having employees. All of that no longer applies to the use of outside medical billing services.

Office space for in-house billing is another cost that will go away with outsourcing. You may just save money on space rental, or you may be able to convert the billing offices into an additional exam or consultation rooms and bring an additional doctor or nurse practitioner onto your staff, allowing your practice to serve more patients.

Medical Billing Software Integrates with Practice Management Programs and Provides Security

Within a medical practice, HIPPA sets the requirements for maintaining patient privacy and data security. The software used by medical billing services like Medcare MSO is designed to be highly secure and is updated on an ongoing basis as new cyber threats arise. The software can be integrated with your current practice management software if you are using one of the more commonly used programs.

Switching to outside medical billing services is a big move, but one that has paid off for our clients. In addition to coding and billing, we provide all aspects of medical revenue cycle management (RCM), including payer credentialing and sending statements to patients when a balance is due. We’ll even take their calls to answer questions about their bills if you like, giving you the option to be free of even more revenue management so you have more time for patient care.

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