Plan to confront the rebellion of users to Bitcoin


In a certain sense, the simple fact of using Bitcoin is a rebellion against the established order. Is shout enough to the handling of private financial institutions or government. And try to build a new order from the citizenship. However, if the crypto users, this is a rebellion, symbolic, peaceful and gradual, so the Pentagon can be so much more. So we have prepared a plan to face a possible rebellion of the users of Bitcoin.

Strategic planning

Of course, this can make that would immediately raise eyebrows, reborn fears, and even consider selling our Bitcoins to avoid a confrontation with the State. However, we must begin by clarifying that this type of plans are not indicative of an onslaught of government or much less.

On the contrary, the design of institutional arrangements such as this, is one of the main tasks of any Ministry of Defense, and the Pentagon is no exception. And is that, since the end of the Napoleonic Wars in the NINETEENTH century, and especially with the professionalization of the army of Prussia. The strategic planning-operational has become the center of Forces with modern Weapons.

So, all the countries have handled dozens of “conflict scenarios”. Intellectual exercises in which the strategists of the country, there are several war scenarios, and develop responses commensurate to the same. For that, if the case is given, only need to implement the plan prepared in advance, saving valuable time that can be used to fight on the field of battle.

In addition, this allows you to identify in advance institutional weaknesses in the apparatus of advocacy, and offer the politicians the realistic options facing the political situation. And in a country as large as the united States, it is normal for the Pentagon to handle tens of hypothesis of conflict. Not only against Bitcoin, but against countries, terrorist groups, and internal groups potentially insurreccionales.

The plan of the Pentagon against Bitcoin

That does not mean that we should not take seriously from the crypto world, the Pentagon document published by the newspaper “The Intercept” and then reviewed by Forbes. Known as the 2018 Joint Land, Air and Sea Strategic Special Program (JLASS).

Pentagon prepared a plan to confront the rebellion of users of Bitcoin. Source: Forbes
Pentagon prepared a plan to confront the rebellion of users of Bitcoin. Source: Forbes

The same poses a scenario in which the Generation Z, those born between the mid-1990s and 2010, rebel against the american financial system. Launching cyber attacks mass against the institutions of the establishment american to steal fiat money, which then would become Bitcoin. Calling this potential rebellion of users of Bitcoin the ZBellion.

This plan the Pentagon would have been prepared in the year 2018, but gained notoriety in the past few days because of the message of the Representative of the u.s. Congress by Florida Matt Gaetz. Who, through his Twitter account, suggested the freezing of funds of demonstrators americans.

In the plan, the members of the ZBellion would use their Bitcoins to fund themselves. As well as to other organizations that meet the status quo on this potential rebellion of the users of Bitcoin. So, and before the threat of Gaetz, there are already groups considering using BTC as a defense against possible actions of the government of Trump.

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