Price of Bitcoin: Do we Enter a side?


At the time of writing the price of Bitcoin traded at around 9,700 from us$, with a side trend in the last 5 days.

After the Halving of Bitcoin in the past month, the price of BTC has tried to establish itself in several opportunities above $ 10,000, in all the cases, it was rejected quickly.

Without a doubt, the great challenge of BTC is to consolidate above the 10k. Will you be able to achieve this objective in the short term?

The price of Bitcoin has too many predictions

Daily, published various predictions on the future price of Bitcoin, but very little speaks to what can happen with the BTC in the short to medium term.

Recently, analysts of the chain Bloomberg, predicted personal the price of the Bitcoin can reach $ 20,000 before the end of the year. This would be a good news for the ecosystem because that would speak about the maturity and the sustained growth of the criptomonedas.

Personally I think that the Bitcoin will continue to fight short-term exceed $ 10,000, and defend the 9,000 USD. While you are still in this boring range the more convenient it is to make trading looking for small movements to both the upside and downside of the price.

Beam Hold and breathe easier

If you believe in the technology of Bitcoin as the future of digital money, to buy at this level and wait, you can be one of the most profitable investments in the future.

The advantage of Hold is that it does not have to be aware of if the price rises or falls. Just waiting for the Bitcoin to fly as it did back in December of 2017, and make the big difference.

For example, if you had bought Bitcoin at the beginning of this year, as you would have a return of over 30%. What a financial asset has given so much performance in the first 6 months of the year? Not to mention the terrible pandemic that we are going through.

To finish, you can take advantage of this side of the market to obtain short-term performance. Now if you’re an investor who knows how to wait beam Hold and breathe easier.

What do you think will the price of Bitcoin in side trend? Let us know who you think in the comment box.

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