Professional Lightroom Presets Collections for Desktop & Mobile

Professional Lightroom Presets Collections for Desktop & Mobile

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to Lightroom mobile presets. We all love having lots of choice but it can also be overwhelming. After all, how do you know which Lightroom mobile presets collections work best for your style and what you’re trying to achieve? The great thing is that there are a few easy tips to check before you download your collection that will make your photos look professional.

A few Tips for Choosing Lightroom Mobile Presets Collections

The first and most important point is always quality. The main reason behind choosing Lightroom mobile presets is that you want to produce something professional and expertly made. Otherwise, you could just play around with filters and get something that’s good enough but not the best.

To make sure you get the best quality, it’s important to know where your Lightroom mobile presets collections come from. It’s generally a good idea to make sure that your Lightroom mobile presets collections come from professional photographers or graphic designers. You could potentially include software designers in that list. However, photographers and graphic designers might offer a more arty edge, if that’s what you’re looking for.

When searching for different Lightroom mobile presets collections, you’ll see just how many options are out there. You can find collections on individual freelancers’ websites or you can find some in marketplaces such as Envato Elements or Photonify. Envato Elements offers creative digital products. On the other hand, Photonify is specifically aimed at professional photographers. Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with going for individual websites if you like their style. Some even offer to guide you through the process which might be a consideration for you. Your decision then depends on how much support you feel you need.

Some Examples of Professional Lightroom Presets Collections for Desktop & Mobile

Generally, Lightroom mobile presets are much easier to use on a desktop because they come as a DNG file. These files are usually too big for mobiles. However, you can find ways to download those files onto your mobile from a cloud or through an app. Having said that, some Lightroom mobile presets are specially configured for mobiles. However, again, the choice is yours and it depends on what you prefer to use.

Either way, there are some great collections on offer that range in price from free to tens of dollars. Your decision will depend on what you are using the collections for. Perhaps it’s for business clients or simply for family and friends? Either way, the following list will help get you started: 

  • Ultimate bundle collection
  • Film inspired collection
  • Portrait collection
  • Travel collection
  • Mood Collection 

Ultimate Bundle Collection

The name gives you a clue although it is at the pricier end of the range. With this package from Photonify though, you get a host of different collections ranging from nature and lifestyle all the way to party, urban and animal presets. On top of all of that, you also get access to special portrait collections and photoshop action settings. This last offering means that you can even edit movement in your photos including, for example, sport action shots.

This bundle could be perfect for someone using collections for their business, for example, and who needs a large range of options for different clients, products or services. For some of you though, this might all be too much choice and in that case perhaps some of the following options might be more interesting. 

Travel Collections

You’ll find different travel collections when you search however, as long as they come from a professional source then you can’t really go wrong. These collections are great for working with nature, landscape and any outdoor photos. In terms of price, there’s a big difference starting for free for some collections and going over $100 for others. The more you spend then the more likely you’ll find the perfect combination that works with your photos. However, you’ll also find some great collections from passionate photographer freelancers closer to $10.

Film Inspired Collections

Films are often created so that we can escape and dream. This relaxes us as long as we don’t become consumed by them. Well, it’s the same with photos. The emotions and feelings that photos trigger can be inspirational. It’s the same with collections. For example, you might want to step back in time to the “Swinging 60s” or even the “Roaring 20s”. There’s something fun and romantic about imagining an era before our time and these Lightroom mobile presets will quite literally transport your emotions.

Portrait Collections

As the name suggests, these collections make your group and portrait shots stand out with quality. Your Lightroom mobile presets combine settings to give you the perfect clarity, dreaminess or modern look that you want.

Mood Collections 

There are quite a few collections that focus on dark and moody or light and airy or even bright and crispy. These collections can be used for several types of photos. You can apply them to landscape and portrait photos as well as to interiors and group shots. Now, you simply need to decide if one of them works for you.

Parting Words on Lightroom Mobile Presets Collections 

Lightroom mobile presets are fun and with collections you can also get inspired by the experts who put them together. The types of photos you apply your collection to will represent your own unique style. Whatever Lightroom mobile presets collections you decide to go for, you can watch the world of technology open up for you and transform your photos.

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