Protection Training is Essential for Many Sectors


We are all aware of the importance that safety practices play in the working environment and part of a good safety management plan is to have specific training provided to key employees. There are some courses, such as basic first aid, which should be delivered to your employees, while other courses are very industry specific and with that in mind, here are some of the courses that are available from the leading Australian protection training organisation.

The Mining Sector

This is one industry that demands a range of protection training, not least confined space training, with gas testing procedures, using breathing apparatus and confined space first aid and rescue. What to do when you enter a new space, for example, is something that miners need to know and with a leading Australian organisation such as Diamond Protection Training, you can be sure of the highest quality delivery from professional trainers. They have the resources to ensure that all course applicants are trained correctly in safety procedures and risk assessment and they offer a tailored approach.

Height Safety Training

Many technicians must work at height and this requires special training and in the event there was an accident and it was discovered that the employee had not received suitable training for working at height, this could have serious consequences for the employer. This course is tailored to the sector; it might be telecom engineers or tree surgeons, there is a specific course to cover every sector. The majority of deaths at the workplace is related to working at height, therefore, there are strict rules and regulations when it comes to training. Let’s take an example of a 5-man team that install 5G transponders, aside from the basic working at height training, the supervisor should attend a rescue at height course.


Of course, firefighters must undergo a lot of training, which can be delivered by a leading protection training organisation that can be found with a Google search. The course would include the following:

  • Breathing apparatus use
  • Responding to urban fire
  • Responding to rural fire
  • Water pump operation
  • Maintaining response equipment

The course covers a wide range of fires; chemical, electrical and vegetation and teaches the student how to select the best type of offensive and defensive equipment. Here are a few ways that you can protect your business from fire.

First Aid Courses

Regardless of your chosen sector, staff need to understand basic first aid, as they will be the first responders in the event of an accident or sudden sickness. 

Courses include the following:

  • Providing CPR
  • Providing first aid
  • Providing advanced first aid
  • Occupational first aid
  • Providing advanced resuscitation

If you would like to learn more about safety and protection training in the workplace, start with an online search to locate the website of a leading Australian provider and after reading their website, they would be happy to have an informal chat with you using Zoom. Click here for Australian government laws regarding safety in the workplace, which every employer should read.

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