Reasons Why Heat Pumps Stop Being Effective


Heat pumps are widely used by the population as an alternative to other expensive heating options but they are most effective in the mild climate.

Heat pumps have a reputation of falling short of their performance in colder climates. To overcome these issues, manufacturers have come up with effective models that tackle down the harsh chilly temperature and bring warmth to your cozy homes. Finding a model that suits your property can be difficult. Chances are you might end up choosing the wrong model in the lack of guidance. To help you with your choice, the experts at Boonstra will ask you some questions to get an idea about your requirements and property, so that they can suggest a model, most suitable for your needs. 

However, if you already own a heat pump that is troubling you, here some reasons are mentioned for its lagging. Make sure you get them fixed by an expert before you invest in a new unit.

Sudden stoppage of heat pump

If your heat pump was working fine but it suddenly won’t turn off, the reason could be minor or a major. That being said, the 4 major causative factors are: –

Thermostat problems, power loss, broken starters, and broken reversing pump.

Most of the heat pump issues will be revolving around these components. However, by keeping a brief understanding of the common issues, you might be able to solve some of them on your own, meanwhile other major issues, you can always leave under the supervision of a technician.

Inefficient Heat Production

Blocked units: Your heat pump works by pulling the outside cold air and then turning it hot. If the airflow of your unit is blocked by some hurdles like snow, leaves, etc, the heating can be affected. Clearing the airway will resolve the problem easily.

Dirty air filters: Air filters works to collect dust and debris to maintain clear airflow. However, the excess build-up can create hurdles in the air passage going towards the compressor. A compressor is a key component that heats the air. To solve this problem, it is recommended to replace the dirty filter with a new filter.

Low refrigerant charge: If the passage of heat flow has leakage, the refrigerant levels will turn low. As a result, your heat pump will struggle to heat your room, as the heated air will be leaking consistently. If that’s the case you need to call an expert to find out the faults and fix them. 

Inefficient cooling problems

Broken thermostat: Thermostat problem usually requires an expert opinion. If your thermostat has been set to cool and is still not working correctly, there might be some problems with the incorrect temperature reading and electric problem that prevents the communication between heat pump and thermostat. As mentioned before, try to save your skills for something else and call an expert immediately. 

The reverse valve is broken: if you are experiencing hot air production instead of cold air production, there are chances that the problem is due to the broken reverse valve. A broken element will be replaced by the new segment by an expert technician. However, if you are experiencing lukewarm air, it means that the components are dirty. After a quick cleaning of your heat pump, it will live up to your expectations for some more time. 

Old model: A model that has surpassed his life span will stop being as effective as a new one. With every passing year, some percentage of the heating efficiency of your model will be reduced. As time passes, you may notice the significant reduction in the efficiency that indicates it’s time to invest in a new model.

You can easily fix some of these problems on your own while some problems might require an expert’s attention. He is the only one who can guide you if you should invest in maintenance or a new model.


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