Red Carpet of Hollywood with actor Danny Arroyo from Sangre Negra


Danny Arroyo, currently one of Hollywood’s Hot List celebrities, appeared on Red CARPET of HOLLYWOOD, where, in an interview with Marina Kufa, narrated his experience in Sangre Negra and how the COVID -19 pandemic has affected his production activities.

Sangre Negra is currently one of the hottest TV shows of 2021. The film is about two rival families, one Latin and the other Italian, fighting for power and political control of Los Angeles.
Danny Arroyo, who plays the youngest brother, and a police detective, Christian Santos, talk about the intrigues and complex scenes that are played out in the film.

Speaking of the unique features of the film, Arroyo says that the project was made unconventionally, but turned out to a huge success. He reveals that they did the whole project out of pocket. “We wanted to keep the storyline, so we decided to do it differently, financing everything. Although it took a bit longer, we have received great feedback. To us, it is a great fortune”, adds Arroyo.
Danny Arroyo also revealed the challenges they faced as a production team during the COVID pandemic. “For the first six months after the pandemic hit us, there was no activity. Everything was almost at a standstill. It was after October 2020 that things started brightening up and we could engage in the project. However, the whole thing was scary. We have to be tested several times and even go to isolation when one of us tested positive,” said Arroyo, when narrating the difficulties they faced during this time. Arroyo adds that the period also allowed him to write scripts, like when he was in quarantine with other members of his production team, and he spent the five days writing.

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About Danny Arroyo
Danny Arroyo is an actor/writer/producer/director with a Bachelor’s degree in film production and over 80 film/TV/commercial credits. He has won three “Best Actor” awards at various film festivals. He loves meditation, reading books especially comic books, working out, writing (screenplays or journals), playing fantasy football, video games, and seeing classic Hollywood films on the big screen. He is a series regular on the Tubi series, Sangre Negra, Black Blood for which he won the “Best Actor.” Arroyo is a member of the Television Academy (Emmys) and produced, wrote, and hosted the successful live event for the TV Academy titled, “Hola: The Phenom

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