Ripple price forecast: XRP/USD is not creating any trend – almost 4 percent in the Minus


Investor of Ripple is not indulged in for the last time, just the success of your Investment. The Altcoin that counts, according to the market capitalisation of the Top 3 crypto currencies in the world, not just in travel. In the past trading week, there was another damper. So the price of XRP/USD fell within seven days by nearly four percent. A technical resistance in the corridor could not be overcome by 0,2150 dollars us, there was a course correction. Since then, the Altcoins moving sideways and is trading at just above 0.2 dollars.

The most important facts about the XRP/USD exchange rate development


We consider the most important facts about the price of XRP/USD in the past trading week:

  • The rate maximum in the past week was 0,2138 Dollar at 2. June, 12:42 CET.
  • The course minium of the trading week, reaching XRP/USD on 11. May at 20:15 CET in 0,1955 dollars.
  • The Course of the past week is 0,2046 dollars.

Currently 0,2030 dollars of the Altcoin-rate is slightly below the weekly average value. The market capitalization of XRP has fallen in the past 24 hours to around $ 10.3 million. Thus, the value of the Altcoins fell throughout the trading week, in the meantime, under $ 9 billion and is estimated currently at approximately 8,948 billion dollars.

In the crypto-Ranking by market capitalization-the cryptocurrency is therefore unchanged at No. 3, but Ethereum has been able to extend his lead further. The ETH/USD price moved in the past trading days, although also slightly in the red, but with about 1.5 percent of the loss was significantly lower than in the case of XRP/USD. Tracker Bitcoin Cash, however, could easily make up ground on XRP. The residue, however, remains considerably more than 4 billion dollars.

XRP/USD rate can’t keep up with Bitcoin and Ethereum

Let’s look at the development of XRP/USD since the outbreak of the Corona-crisis and the price slump in the crypto market in more detail: The low of the year was on 12. March reached 0,1378 dollars. In order for XRP/USD has posted in the last three months, a rate rise of more than 46 percent. This is undoubtedly a considerable value, but falls back well behind the growth rates of Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have doubled in this time window, their value is almost or, in the case of Ethereum and even more than.

To the best value of the current year, XRP/USD is still a significant increase. 14. February listed on the XRP/USD already at 0,3333 dollars. Of this brand the Altcoin is still around 65 percent. In this analysis, other Top Coins are moved again much closer to its high for the year pre. So Bitcoin is only about 10 per cent lower than the best value from February, and in the case of Ethereum, there are approximately 17 percent.

Ripple: an Important partnership in danger?

In addition, wrinkles on the forehead of the XRP investors are able to bring the latest news of a planned Takeover. As reported by Bloomberg, that Western Union has cast an eye on the payment service provider MoneyGram and the company wants to buy. However, MoneyGram is an important Partner of Ripple. What happens with this cooperation, if it comes to a Takeover, remains to be seen.

Investors should keep in any case, as always, the courses daily in order to be able to in a timely manner to price changes.

The course information in the article is based on the crypto-currency chart from CoinMarketCap at the time of article publication.


Image source: Photo of marcoverch

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