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SafeSense is Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Bicycles to Prevent Accidents


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, from 1980 to 2010, annual cyclist deaths declined by 33% but since 2010, they increased by over 17%. This increase can be credited to the rise of cycling across the globe. SafeSense is a Philadelphia-based startup and they are on a mission to see that number go down.

SafeSense is building the world’s first AI powered bicycle accident prevention system that can alert cyclists of close-calls and dangerous situations before they even happen. The sensor can monitor and detect vehicles behind a bicycle, and then it can track and see which vehicles might create a dangerous situation or come uncomfortably close to a cyclist.

The SafeSense sensor then alerts the cyclists using their proprietary smart handlebar grips, capable of lighting up, vibrating, and beeping. Users can manually set alert levels to be alerted of any vehicle behind them within a set range, or users can let the AI do that work. The sensor can adapt to environments and knows when a bicycle is in an urban area or in a suburb, and SafeSense also learns from the cycling style of a user to provide accurate alerts with little to no false positives. SafeSense can also record particular instances which the AI thought to be dangerous, and the user can connect their smartphone to SafeSense to access that footage to download, or can provide feedback to the system if the situation was actually dangerous or not, and the device then learns from that feedback and updates itself in real-time.

SafeSense founder and CEO, Jibran, came up with the idea after a personal experience with a bicycle crash, and said that the entire team, who are all cyclists are on a mission to keep cyclists safe and prevent accidents. SafeSense is not available to buy right now but they will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter soon. Learn more about SafeSense here.

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