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Sastanaqqam and Finjuris Counsel Join Forces: A Leap Towards Legal Resilience in the Web 3.0 Ecosystem


In a ground-breaking announcement, Sastanaqqam, the visionary company synthesizing decentralization, digitization, and entertainment into a unique Web 3.0 ecosystem, has revealed its collaboration with Finjuris Counsel, an esteemed international legal advisory firm. This strategic alliance underscores Sastanaqqam’s commitment to establishing robust legal structures and compliance practices for its groundbreaking platforms.

Sastanaqqam’s core services include a versatile DeFi platform, innovative art platforms, a dynamic entertainment segment, and a forward-thinking educational platform, all unified by the Blue Token. Its platforms embody the principles of the Web 3.0 environment by offering users access to decentralized and digitized services across multiple sectors.

The collaboration with Finjuris Counsel brings significant value to Sastanaqqam’s ecosystem. With its global expertise in fintech, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, Finjuris Counsel is well-equipped to provide the legal advice and support necessary to navigate the complex regulatory landscape of the blockchain and crypto industries.

As part of this collaboration, Finjuris Counsel will provide legal advisory services to ensure Sastanaqqam operates within regulatory guidelines across multiple jurisdictions. This move will bolster the trust and confidence of users, artists, and crypto enthusiasts in Sastanaqqam’s platforms, fostering a secure environment for transactions and exchanges.

In the context of Sastanaqqam’s DeFi platform, the partnership will assist in implementing best practices in terms of legal guidelines and compliance measures. This will aid in maintaining a secure and reliable environment for efficient cryptocurrency management, a critical aspect of decentralized finance.

Moreover, Finjuris Counsel’s expertise will also contribute to the development of the legal framework surrounding the digital art platforms, helping to define the legalities around NFT ownership, royalties, and rights. This is a crucial step towards legitimizing digital art transactions and ensuring protection for artists and collectors.

The collaboration will also enhance the educational platform offered by Sastanaqqam. With the added legal perspective from Finjuris Counsel, users can gain comprehensive insights into the legal aspects of digital finance, making the educational platform more rounded and beneficial.

From Sastanaqqam’s announcement, it is clear that the company is taking strategic steps to ensure it operates within the necessary legal frameworks. By joining forces with Finjuris Counsel, Sastanaqqam is demonstrating its commitment to safeguarding its operations and providing its users with a secure, compliant, and trustworthy environment.

This partnership is indeed a testament to Sastanaqqam’s proactive approach in navigating the legal complexities of the Web 3.0 landscape. It sets a robust foundation for the future growth of the company, and by extension, the blockchain ecosystem. As the collaboration unfolds, we can look forward to a stronger, more secure Web 3.0 environment, bringing us a step closer to a seamless, decentralized, and compliant digital world.


Saurabh Singla
Saurabh Singla is a former Mechanical Engineer turned digital marketer. He has been in the digital marketing industry for over 6 years and has worked with clients across different sectors including FanFare, BitMachina, Bayslope amongst others. Saurabh is also an Author and has written over 30 websites for his clients including INC42, Yourstory etc. After founding CaphIQ in 2020, he is helping businesses and Personalities for their Personal Branding and online visibility.

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