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Smart Restaurants & QSR Innovation Summit 2024 Set to Take Place in Dubai, UAE


Dubai, UAE – The Smart Restaurants & QSR Innovation Summit 2024 is gearing up to convene  industry leaders, executives, and innovators from across the globe on June 4th and 5th, 2024, at  Grosvenor House in Dubai, UAE. Scheduled to commence at 9:00 am, the summit promises to be an  immersive experience into the world of restaurant innovation and operational excellence. 

In an era where innovation has become synonymous with success in the restaurant industry, the  Smart Restaurants & QSR Innovation Summit 2024 is poised to shed light on the transformative  strategies adopted by some of the sector’s most successful and rapidly expanding brands. Executives  from top businesses will share their success stories, highlighting the various ways they have  innovated to expand their brands while maintaining profitability. 

Featuring over 40 speakers representing global and regional F&B leaders, this summit aims to  provide a comprehensive platform for key stakeholders to exchange insights, experiences, and best  practices. Delegates can expect a power-packed agenda comprising presentations, panel discussions,  and keynotes from globally renowned speakers, panelists, and moderators. 

Attendees, including restaurant owners, cloud kitchen operators, heads of IT and Innovation,  franchise development, and operations, will have the opportunity to network with industry peers,  participate in discussions, and delve into insightful case studies. Some of the topics to be discussed  are: Rethinking Technology To Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience, Drive-Thru Innovation – How  Tech Is Transforming Traditional Drive-Thru, Smart Kitchens And Connected Restaurants etc 

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The Smart Restaurants & QSR Innovation Summit 2024 is a premier gathering of restaurant industry  leaders, innovators, and stakeholders, aimed at exploring the latest trends, technologies, and  strategies shaping the future of dining experiences. With a focus on innovation, operational  excellence, and customer-centricity, the summit provides a unique opportunity for professionals to  network, learn, and collaborate. 

Keerthana Gajaraj 

Marketing Executive 


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