Special Occasions When you Can Send Flowers to your Partner


Many men like to say it with flowers; some to apologise, some to say thank you and many show their love and devotion by sending flowers to the love of their life. Women simply adore flowers, especially roses and there are so many special occasions, festivals and celebrations in a year to give you an opportunity to say it with flowers.

  • Valentine’s Day – The one day in the year for hopeless romantics is February 14th and what better time to send your other half a bouquet of red roses? Use the express rose delivery in Dubai and make the perfect start to her day. Set a notification on your smartphone and get a reminder a couple of days before, then simply search online for a leading florist and the roses will be delivered according to your instructions.
  • Birthdays – There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t like receiving flowers on her birthday and you know her better than anyone, so you can choose flowers that she loves. Of course, you can insert a card with a sweet message and top that off with dinner at her favourite eatery in the evening for the perfect day.
  • Anniversaries – Whatever happens, you can never forget an anniversary; smart guys make sure they are reminded before her birthday and your anniversary, whether the anniversary of your first date or your wedding, or both! The online florist has a wide range of bouquets to suit every budget and you type your message, choose the card and the gift will be delivered.
  • Mother’s Day – She might not be your mum but you can send on the kid’s behalf, which she will love! Have a message from the children and she certainly won’t be expecting any flowers on this day! Click here for ways to be more productive at home.
  • Promotion – If she finally landed that managerial position in Dubai, celebrate with a special message of congratulations, accompanied by flowers, of course. It is quite an achievement to be chosen for promotion and it surely warrants a special celebration; book a table in a plush restaurant and have the flowers arrive in the middle of the meal.
  • Graduation Day – If she’s been working hard to get her MBA, when the day comes for receiving the degree, make sure you have a huge bouquet of flowers delivered to the university and take lots of Instagram photos. This is a special day for every student; the culmination of years of hard work and saying congrats with flowers means a lot to her.

If you are currently on contract in Dubai and you want to send flowers to your partner at home, search with Google for a flower bouquet company and have your stunning selection of flowers delivered to her door. If you had a row the other day and she’s still not speaking to you, perhaps a bouquet of flowers with an ‘I’m sorry’ message would break the ice.

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