Splurge on These Smart Kitchen Appliances in 2020

Splurge on These Smart Kitchen Appliances in 2020


Rotimatic is an automatic Roti Maker. It efficiently utilizes the knowledge of machine learning. It cooks a roti in a minute! Isn’t that a dream come true? The user of this product only has to add the right portions of flour, water & oil and then select the thickness, oiliness, and softness of the dough that is needed.

Upon these settings, the machine automatically creates a dough, flattens the dough and makes the roti. It can easily roll out 20 rotis from full compartments. Rotimatic gets all its software up-gradation from the internet connection facility.

You won’t even believe the time taken to make roti, it takes about 5 minutes to heat the rotimatic, and then the machine rolls out a cooked roti in about a minute, So what are you waiting for? Get your rotimatic today! And enjoy a nicely cooked roti without those manual efforts.

And for this matter, the Rotimatic Reviews on amazon show a positive sign that this product has enormous potential to solve all the ‘roti’ problems. Latest Rotimatic reviews are edging on 4 stars and that defines a great deal about the way it is revolutionizing the cooking of rotis.

Krups Grind and brew auto-start Coffee Maker with built-in Coffee Grinder

Who wouldn’t love a freshly ground coffee after a tiring day at work? This is definitely every coffee lover’s dream to get a cup of freshly ground hot coffee and sit by their window. Krups has actually made this dream come true and changed the game of coffee maker products in the market.

Krups has introduced a grind and brew auto-start coffee maker with a built-in coffee grinder. The process of brewing the coffee from Krups is made even more user-friendly by attaching a grinder to a traditional brewing station with a time function. Once you taste a freshly ground coffee from this amazing product, it’s a bet that you will never want to buy that packet of grounded coffee ever again.

Kepler, natural gas and carbon monoxide monitor

Any kitchen is filled with fumes of natural gas and carbon monoxide after a day of tough cooking. Sure, we have chimneys but are they enough? This is a big question that cooks face these days as exposure to these gases run a risk of cooks becoming sick.

This problem is solved by Kepler, a natural gas and carbon monoxide monitor. It can check the amount of these gases present in the kitchen. Not just that, it can also monitor the gas when there is a leaky stove or a forgotten stove that is on. It has an inbuilt timer and alarms to ring a bell when conditions in the kitchen are not healthy or even dangerous! These features make it a perfect buy for anyone trying to prevent these spoofy kitchen conditions.

Crock-pot wifi cooker

Crock-pot wemo smart wifi cooker is the answer to the future of cooking! Manual efforts that go into monitoring a cooker are repetitive and monotonous in nature. Who would not love to watch their favorite show while the cooker does its job? Well, Crockpot wemo smart wifi slow cooker is the smart cooker needed in every kitchen. You just have to toss ingredients of your recipe into the pot, set the right temperature and watch your tv show. It even has a feature that gives access to the cooker’s function on a user’s smartphone. What else do you need to enjoy your life better?

5) Breville Joule Sous Vide, 1100 Watts, All White

Breville Joule Sous Vide is the answer to all overcooking and undercooking woes that every chef faces. It is a widely known fact that overcooking or undercooking can lead to a variety of sicknesses upon consuming such food. With this product, you never have to worry about overcooking or undercooking and getting sick due to that! You can easily set this with Alexa and use your voice to control the temperature. This product tells you when the food is perfectly cooked and works very well with iPhone, android or even just Bluetooth. You can also connect it to wifi and operate from anywhere in the house.

6) Ever cook Automated Pressure Cooker

Ever cook Automated Pressure Cooker is a food processor, pressure cooker and robot, all in one! You only have to select the recipe that you like, from an online database through a mobile app. Then you have to add all the required ingredients into the cooker through a slicer. A stirring paddle moves all the ingredients automatically. You only have to set the heat and cooking time and then forget about it all. When the recipe is ready, every cook tells you that it is ready to be eaten. You can easily enjoy this meal with the least manual efforts.

7) Mellow

Mellow is famous for being a remote cooking device that is used with sous-vide. The food is added to mellow in vacuum-sealed bags and the food gets cooked at low temperatures with the help of a water bath or steam. The mobile app is used in order to aptly adjust timers and settings for the meal accordingly.

8) Hiku

Hiku appears just like a fridge magnet. This device can help people to manage their pantry and keep all the kitchen stuff stocked. You can easily add all the groceries and staples that you need for your kitchen and it adds all these things like a shopping list on your phone. You can also order your groceries through it online.

9) June intelligent oven

June intelligent oven is a smart oven that is giving jitters to its traditional counterpart. This product utilizes convection technology and heats up the food fast as well as controls the temperature. It comes up with an in-built camera, that identifies the food and uses a food thermometer to makes sure the food is cooked diligently. You only have to set your cooking preferences and it alerts you on your phone when the food is ready.

10) LG InstaView ThinQ™ Black Stainless Steel Refrigerator

LG has come up with a great variety of smart refrigerators in their SmartThinQ line. Their innovation is amazing and with InstaView ThinQ they have taken it a notch up. This is a futuristic fridge that has a transparent touchscreen showing you the contents in your fridge. You can set expiry dates of your food and leave digital notes too.

11) Drop Scales

We all love whipping up amazing dishes and have one for dinner. But whipping up a dish with right amount and time of whipping is something that most people struggle with. Drop scales bring a solution to this problem where you can choose your recipe through an app and let the scales tell you the cooking and baking process with absolutely right quantities of ingredients. The scales also give you an alternative solution when you do not have the alternatives.

12) Robot Braava Jet 240 Robot Mop

Nobody really likes to mop the floor to keep it clean. We all would rather want to mop to get disappeared. Well with iRobot Braava Jet 240 Robot Mop, it is now a possibility. It is a robot mop that does the job on its own and you never have to worry about manually mopping the floor to keep it clean.


So you can check the many modern kitchen appliances listed above is very useful for you. They will really make your tasks very easier in the kitchen. As for example, Rotimatic Roti maker is changing the lives of many people all around the globe.

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