Swim-Up Pool Bars in Palm Beach County – Should You Get One?


Let’s face it – your backyard pool isn’t a luxury resort. With a swim-up bar, you could certainly make it feel like one! If you entertain often, a swim-up bar might be just the thing to impress your friends. They are somewhat simple to install, though it’s easier to add them to a custom pool design in the beginning, rather than adding them later. Still, contact a builder for pool construction in Palm Beach County before you get started with your budget. They might be able to give you an estimate of how much an upgrade will cost. 

What is a swim-up bar? 

A swim-up bar is exactly what it sounds like. A few barstools line one side of the pool, while the other side is completely dry for serving drinks and food. The stools are built into the floor of the pool, which may require extensive remodeling to accomplish. Regardless, your lower body is submerged in the water while you drink, eat, or chat with your friends. 

Most swim-up bars are accessible, though some verge on the elaborate. However you want your swim-up bar situated, your pool builders will be able to tell you what’s possible and what isn’t. 

Some swim-up bars can include shade structures, outdoor kitchens, and more. 

Installing a Swim-Up Bar

Installing a swim-up more is easier when you are first building your pool. While you can add one after you’re finished (in a remodel, for instance), it’s more difficult and costs more as a result. There are two reasons why this is. First, the stools have to be anchored to the floor of the pool. This is more difficult when the interior of the pool has already been finished. 

The other concern is the ‘dry area’ on the other side of the bar. If this isn’t already accounted for when the pool is built, it can be difficult to remodel the structure to include these things. The top of the bar should also be installed separately, which may take additional resources. The key is to keep the top of the bar elevated enough that it doesn’t get wet, which can require some delicate balancing. 

Other Swim-Up Bar Considerations

Your swim-up bar can be as small or as large as you want. If you plan on entertaining a lot of friends, choose a layout that has about seven stools arranged along the side of the pool. If it’s just a few of you, you can have two or three stools. 

Of course, the size of your pool (as well as the shape) can determine how your swim-up bar is laid out. Overall, the design should be thoughtful and appealing. It’s a great way to entertain your guests, especially if you include a full outdoor kitchen and an outdoor TV screen for games or watching parties. 

You can combine your swim-up bar design with other features, including mood lighting, fountains, water features, and more. Just make sure that the water features are facing away from your dry area, especially if you are going to put appliances on the other side of the pool. This is the perfect opportunity for some advanced landscaping, too – the elevation difference between the edge of the pool and the ‘dry side’ of the swim-up bar can create some interesting design elements. 

The possibilities are only limited by your budget and the size of your pool. There are a ton of different options and designs available for a swim-up bar or similar design. Between sunshade, outdoor entertainment designs, different finishes, stool types, and more, you’re sure to find a combination that works for you. Your pool builder will be able to tell you all about the trends in Palm Beach County and might be able to provide you with pictures of the swim-up bars they’ve created in the past. 


A swim-up bar can be a great way to hang out in your pool while you hang out with your friends, entertain, or just relax on a hot day. While it can be difficult to install a swim-up pool as a remodel or addition, planning one from the beginning of your pool-building process can save you time and money.

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