The Advantages of Renting Spider Lifts for Aerial Work

The Advantages of Renting Spider Lifts for Aerial Work

When you need equipment to help you work in elevated areas, you have a lot of options. You can hire elevated platforms such as lifts to help you move your gear and your workers to higher levels. Whether you are painting high walls and ceilings, washing windows above ground or any work at high altitudes, having a stable elevated platform to stand on will make sure that you safely complete your tasks. However, there are times when renting just any lift is not an option. There may be complications such as tight spaces or uneven terrain that will make it hard for you to use wheeled lifts. Fortunately, you can choose a spider lift hire to help solve these obstacles. 

What are Spider Lifts? 

Spider lifts are a type of aerial lift equipment which features a vehicle-mounted work platform that can move vertically and horizontally. The primary purpose of aerial lifts is to hoist workers to elevated and hard to reach work positions to perform various tasks such as cutting tall tree branches, painting high walls or ceilings, or fixing elevated electrical wirings. The reason why spider lifts are called as such is because of spider legs. 

Spider legs are the extendable legs of spider lift equipment that are used to stabilise this type of aerial lift equipment. Spider lifts come with four or more extendable legs that resemble the legs of a spider. These spider legs, also known as outriggers, are hinged strategically to help stabilise the machine as it is moved from one position to another. Spider legs are also useful in improving the weight distribution of the machine so that it will be more stable and safer for workers to complete their tasks. 

What are the advantages of Spider Lifts? 

Aside from being able to reach elevated heights even on rough or uneven terrain, here are other advantages that you may get when choosing a spider lift hire against other lifting equipment. 

Compact Design. Spider lifts are designed to be compact and slim. They are ideal equipment to use when you need to stand them on tight spots. Because of their narrow designs, a spider lift can easily fit into a doorway and are ideal lifting equipment for indoor use. Some spider lifts can fold to a compact package of 30 inches wide and 6 feet tall, which is a minimal size for substantial machinery standards. 

Efficient Weight Distribution. The legs of the spider lift can efficiently distribute the entire weight of the machine and the workers into a wider area. This weight distribution makes it possible for spider lifts to be used in areas with flooring that cannot bear the weight of heavy machinery. If the ground is very fragile, spider lifts can minimise the damage done to the floor area with the proper positioning of the equipment’s leg on the sides of the floor. 

Mobility. Because of the compact design, spider lifts can easily be transported by towing them (for the wheeled-chassis) or loading them on a trailer (for tracked-chassis). Some of the most compact spider lifts may be loaded onto a pickup with elongated beds. When you are working on rough terrain, it is better to choose a tracked spider lift hire since it can quickly move on uneven ground or steep terrain. 

Hiring a spider lift for an aerial type of work will give you a lot of advantages. However, spider lifts are also considered heavy equipment and should be treated with the same amount of safety precautions. It is also essential to check the spider lift that you will rent if it has passed the latest OSHA standards for work platforms before renting one.

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