The Benefits of Participating in the Referral Program


KIOS offers participants a two-stage referral program. At each stage, participants have the opportunity to earn rewards by inviting their friends. Best of all, multiple stages give participants more rewards as they advance through the stages. Here are the complete benefits of participating in the referral program.

It is a Multi-Level Program

With so many levels to go through participants are assured that they are being rewarded for their effort. The harder they work, the quicker they advance through the stages. That is quite motivating for those who need a reason to keep going.

There is No Limit

The program does not come with any limits for those that participate in the program. Consequently, it is quite beneficial for those who already have a wide audience to which they can reach. It ensures that they can maximize their rewards by reaching out to all those within their network. The program is truly a great way to earn massive rewards with little effort.

A Great Opportunity to Earn a Passive Income

The referral program is designed to be as simple as possible. There is no complexity involved in getting a referral link. For those looking for a great opportunity to earn a passive income, this program offers the perfect way to do so. All that the users need to do is to get the referral link, create a short copy to invite their friends, and sit back as the rewards roll in.

It Helps to Promote the Tokens

By raising awareness about the referral program, it will get people interested in the tokens. The increased interest in the tokens is ultimately good for the holders. It ensures that there is a huge community around the token, which is good for those who get in early. At some point, the value of the tokens will rise due to the natural forces of demand and supply.

The Potential Rewards are Huge

The multi-tier reward program is well organized. For every new level a participant achieves, they see a massive increase. From just 55% at level 1 in stage one of the programs, and make up to 85% on all tokens deposited. That great program will keep most participants motivated to keep going.

Most other reward programs do not offer their participants such a huge percentage of the rewards. In most cases, the most that users can expect to receive is around 20%. With such a great reward program, everyone who can should consider taking part. They will be handsomely rewarded for any effort they put into promoting the project to their friends.


There are many reward programs out but few of them offer such good rewards. KIOS program also offers your friends the opportunity to earn their rewards by inviting friends from their networks. Additionally, if no one deposits tokens in a given period, there is the chance to walk away with all the tokens. That is an awesome incentive to participate. 

KIO Total Supply is 600 Million; KIS Total Supply is 3 Billion. We will be listed on JustSwap later on as well as other exchanges. Join our community now and stay tuned!

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