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A professional software developer should constantly learn new things. This ensures they are up to date in the fields of programming languages and application development techniques. However, unlike books on other topics, good books on programming are more difficult to find.

Software is a very dynamic industry. Novel programming techniques appear every day. Hence, most books become obsolete very quickly. For a prestigious software development company such as GNS IT, having personnel that is updated is very important.

Books that are like manuals of a particular version of a programming language are fine. However, the best books for developers are those that discuss general design techniques. Such books are not so common, and these are some good titles you may want to check:

  • Code Complete: a Practical Handbook of Software Construction. Every professional that develops custom software has consulted this book at least once. It explains very clearly everything about the different stages of software development. Developers with a few years of experience are more likely to appreciate this book. However, it is also good for those who begin their careers with an IT company like GNS IT.
  • Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship. Many universities have used this textbook for their advanced programming courses. It teaches many techniques to write clean, maintainable code. These abilities are essential for any custom software development company. The professionals that will appreciate more this book are Java programmers;
  • Working Effectively with Legacy Code. This book teaches how to work code that some else programmed. Fixing, extending, and improving legacy code is very difficult. It is one of the biggest problems for many companies. Thus, this book is ideal for experienced developers that already work with the most challenging problems.

The professional developers working with GNS IT have been constantly reading these books. As a consequence, they are highly-qualified software developers. This firm provides professional IT solutions, from a website with ecommerce tools to a custom app for your business. Do you want to learn more about its services? Read on.

One of the Most Reliable Custom Software Development Companies

Finding a software development company that you can trust is not so easy. However, GNS IT has the attributes to be considered a reliable company. To date, this company has completed over 450 projects with international customers in different countries.

The company relies on a team of more than 130 engineers, which is the result of a 30% staff growth in the last year. Since 2007, this company has developed top web solutions for companies in different industries.

Besides working as a software development company, it also provides IT outsourcing services. This approach is ideal for the company that does not want to invest time on hiring their own IT personnel. Instead, this company in the role of an outsourcing agency can provide the necessary personnel upon request.

There are many advantages to outsourcing. First, you save time and money on lengthy recruiting processes that may end with the hiring of the wrong people. Instead, the outsourcing agency provides the professionals that you need for your project. If an element is not performing as expected, you can request to replace them without any legal issue.

Another advantage is the possibility to upscale or downscale the personnel as your project dictates. You have access to highly qualified and talented developers to take your project to successful completion.

Hence, consider this company for your next IT project. They may have the perfect IT solution to make your business grow or have a presence online. Contact them online at once.

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