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The Best Visa Options for us Investors

The Best Visa Options for us Investors

There are several reasons that investors from around the globe are looking for ways to invest in the United States. When you consider that the US has one of the strongest economies in the world, you also may be tempted to do the same. Since you are reading this post, there is a huge chance that you already want to know the prospects of investing in the US.

However, we understand identifying the most suitable US investor visa for you can be overwhelming, especially if you have little knowledge about the US visa system.

Hence, we have carefully put together the most common US investor visa options that may interest you.


The EB-5 US investor visa is one of the first investment visa options out there and it is still among the most commonly used. All you need to invest is $900,000. This investment capital ensures that you and your family qualify for a Green Card. It also puts you and your family in a good position to qualify for US citizenship.

The best part about the EB-5 US investor visa is that it permits you and your family (spouse and kids) to study, work, and live in your most preferred place in the US. You and your family can enjoy these privileges irrespective of your age, language, or educational background.


While the EB-5 US investor visa is still the most common US investment visa option, the E-2 Treaty investment visa remains the fastest means to secure a work permit in the US.

Here is some key information for you to check that highlights the requirements of the E-2 Treaty US investor visa:

o You need to have a business in the US that you either started or own.

o You can apply with an investment capital of $75,000 (this is considered to be among the lowest investment capital requirements out there).

You should know that the E-2 Treaty US investor visa is subject to renewal every 2 or 5 years, depending on the duration your visa is approved for. It does not guarantee a Green Card and you can renew your visa as often as you want.


The E-1 Treaty Trader US investor visa is the least commonly used. Why? The requirements for approval are quite high. However, this US investor visa option could be suitable for you if you own the required type of international trade business.

You should know that more often than not, the E-1 Treaty Trader US investor visa is granted to businesses with robust international and US presences. This business must have been out trading with sanctioned third-countries and the US. Surprisingly, the UK is not included in this list. The trade done by this business must be substantial.

The US investor visa options listed above are the most common investment visa options available for investors looking to migrate to the US.

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