Tips For Choosing Air Conditioning For Business Premises

Tips For Choosing Air Conditioning For Business Premises

Offering comfort in your business requires more than good service, beautiful furniture and excellent products. It is important to offer the right climate so that people feel comfortable and enjoy each visit. 

For this reason, choosing the right commercial air conditioning for your business is an important task. 

Remember that when choosing the right air conditioning, you must know the dimensions of the premises and clearly understand how the system works. 

You should choose the most comfortable, useful and practical air conditioning option for your needs. 

It is best to consult a local expert on the type of equipment that conforms to local regulations and learn about the different models that you will find on the market.

You should also consider the following:

Interior design

The size and decor of your business are important when choosing the air conditioning system you need. In restaurants, for example, the units located on the walls and the ceiling are the most appropriate, since they do not have direct contact with people, and blend better with the environment. 

And for closed spaces, of smaller sizes, it is important to consider choosing an air conditioner that emits the least amount of noise possible. Perhaps in a large space, it might not be obtrusive, but in smaller areas, the noise can be annoying.

The functions of the equipment

There are a lot of features that the latest systems have. This can make it easier to choose the right air conditioner for your business. Some of them have automatic shutdown, which saves energy and improves the efficiency of the appliance. Do you know how much money this feature will help you save?

The best accessories for your air conditioning

Other air conditioning systems have energy efficiency factors that reduce energy consumption and are key for those who want to help the planet and lower operating costs.

If you are thinking about how to choose the hot/cold air conditioning that suits your business, these are currently the most demanded systems in places with extreme thermal variations. Look for the ones that offer you the most energy efficiency. You can also find independent heating and cooling systems on the market with money-saving functions.

There are also some tips so that your system works well for longer. Proper maintenance of the HVAC system is vital to ensure that it works properly. Also, you must install it correctly so that the grilles can take in the air and carry out the heat exchange easily. This will increase its life. 

Choosing your business air conditioner by type

To know which air conditioner to choose, it is important to know the types of systems that are on the market. Here are some of them:

Ducted air conditioning

This type of installation requires a false ceiling so that it is not visible. It works with a system of tubes that transport the cold air and grids arranged in different places that allow the air to escape. They are very useful for large spaces as they distribute the air in different places effectively.

These systems are attractive for commercial sites in which you want to leave the ducts in view, but they can also be discreet since when they are located in false ceilings, only the small vents are perceived. Discretion is a good key to choosing air conditioning for your business, thinking about the type of installation you require.

Split air conditioning

It is very useful for independent spaces or more than one room. These systems are located inside the premises to be air-conditioned, and also have an outdoor unit. They are comfortable and although they are visible, many models and designs will be look good in your premises.

You can also use multi-split equipment, with several devices installed in a single system, so that you can get the best out of your split type air conditioning. Choosing this type of business air conditioning is very useful in small spaces or where there are internal divisions.

Cassette type air conditioner

To install these systems it is also necessary to have a false ceiling or a space in which it can be embedded. Its system of grilles allows a uniform distribution of the air since it has outlets in all directions.

This system has two important advantages: it is very efficient and reduces energy consumption. It is also compact, reducing the aesthetic impact.

It is recommended to choose cassette type business air conditioning in large offices, large commercial spaces and large restaurants, as it allows the entire space to be heated/cooled quickly. 

Final thoughts

Finally, we recommend you look for seasonal discounts for installation so that you can buy the one you like the most. With these tips, you will surely find the ideal air conditioning for your business.

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