TNC Coin Listing on April, TNC Crypto M&A Pushes Forward

TNC Crypto M&A Pushes Forward

TNC IT Solutions Group (TNC) has made great progress as it continues to stay on track with its vision of uniting the cryptocurrency world. This April 30, 2020, the company’s own digital currency — TNC Coin — will be officially launched to the public. By that time, TNC Coin will be made available to one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges in the market, signaling a new development for the TNC Crypto M&A project. 

TNC Founder and CEO Ethan Lee expressed his excitement towards TNC Coin’s first exchange listing. According to him, ‘this major milestone is in parallel with the ongoing process of closing deals between merger companies.’ As the token establishes its ground within active crypto markets, the most-awaited TNC token swap process will commence. 

A report from Coincodecap revealed that 32% (640) out of 2,000 ICOs have been inactive in 2019. Considering this, users who have invested in these projects have suffered hugely. Alongside the objectives of the TNC Crypto M&A, the program focuses on protecting the users that experienced the price drop of coins and tokens as a result of inactivity.  

As the TNC Crypto M&A program executes the first-of-its-kind merger of about 500 cryptocurrencies through the process of a Token Swap, participating merger companies will receive a corresponding amount of TNC token in exchange for their existing coin or token. Once swapped, the users can now benefit from the value of the TNC token. Eventually, the market value of the company’s native token is expected to significantly be higher once it becomes activated across partner exchanges, increasing the trading volume because of availability and number of traders involved. 

TNC’s Crypto M&A serves as a reboot system for crypto and blockchain enterprises. Through this global-scale program, TNC extends investment opportunities to merger companies with promising projects that lack funding. One of the main advantages for merger companies is revitalizing its operations once the TNC token swap is successfully conducted. 

With the existing users of the merger companies, the M&A team strives to utilize the reputation of these companies and list the TNC token on multiple exchanges at the earliest possible dates. As TNC token becomes accessible worldwide, market activation would occur. This will benefit all parties involved — TNC and merger company — as well as the economy itself. 

TNC highlights its philosophy toward solidarity. By introducing a novel blockchain-powered infrastructure, TNC aims to provide an innovative framework that will benefit various industries and bring them together into one massive network. Through the TNC Crypto M&A program, project developments with governments and private enterprises are supported. 

The demand for blockchain developers has increased by almost 2000% between 2017 and 2020. TNC acknowledges the problem regarding the lack of access to these talented individuals. Initially, TNC has gathered a pool of more than 300 developers to kick off the TNC Crypto M&A project. With its huge efforts to synergize between its partner companies and other technology-focused enterprises, TNC is determined to form a global consortium among 10,000 and more blockchain developers with different specializations and skillsets. The international network of TNC is ready to deliver total blockchain solutions across industries like finance, supply chain, and e-commerce. 

As TNC pushes forward with its Crypto M&A project, TNC Coin CEO Jason Jang is confident that TNC will drive blockchain integration and widespread adoption of cryptocurrency. As TNC Coin emerges, “the services of TNC will soon materialize and it will encourage businesses to embrace decentralization as the norm for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.” Details about TNC Coin’s exchange listing is set to be released on April 30, 2020, through the official channels of the project. Built by a team of visionaries, the Crypto M&A program is now in motion to revolutionize the financial economy as a whole, benefiting investors, users, and the general public in the long-run. 

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