Top 5 Reasons You Should Hire a Voice Answering Service [Scam Alert]


You cannot run your business 24/7. Even the hardest working business owners need a break, so does your staff. If you have a growing business or a company with sales outside of your local time zone, you will not always be there to answer calls. Instead of letting your clients and potential customers talk to your voicemail, your solution could be an answering service. Here are five reasons to consider a voice answering service.

Hire Fewer Staff

If you’ve thought about having round-the-clock answering, you may have shied away because of the cost of hiring new people. If you want someone to be available for your clients at all times, then you need enough people to answer the phones. When you have a voice answering service, you are paying for the service, rather than the workers. You do not have to worry about paychecks, benefits or any other matters of employment. All that you have to do is pay for the service and let the answering service take care of the rest. In general, it is a lot cheaper than hiring new employees.

Improve Your Customer Service

If a customer contacts your company, then odds are he or she wants immediate help. The assistants will have scripts for different services to deal with issues as you would. Voice answering service professionals are polite, courteous and provide you with high-quality customer service. If a client needs something, then the service can provide it. There is no waiting. For clients, this is a lot nicer than having to wait or calling and receiving no help. Your customer service rating increases when you have representatives available all of the time. It shows that you put your customers first.

Offer Bilingual Services

Did you know that there are about 350 languages spoken in the United States? The most popular languages are English, Spanish, Chinese and French. Not every person speaks English in the United States and if you want to enter the global market, you will have even more of a reason to have bilingual services for those that may be more comfortable speaking in another language.

Most voice answering services provide you with bilingual support. This can bring in more business than you had before.

Enhance Your Image

In the business world, you probably have heard about the importance of your image. When it comes to branding and marketing, your image can make a huge difference in your business’s success. People know what to think about you based on your business’s image. A solid corporate image allows clients to trust you and to do business with you.

If you offer an answering service like Voicenation, then your professional image will reflect your availability. It shows that you want someone to be available to talk to your customers 24/7. If you are difficult to reach or if customers have a difficult time interacting with the company, then they may believe that you don’t care. If you don’t care about them, you don’t care about your business.

Stay Competitive

When you have an answering service, your business is open at all hours. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you have to have something new to offer the client. If customers need to get a hold of your business, they are going to appreciate that they can contact it at any time. The convenience of being open might be what sways some people away from your competitors.

Unlike other businesses that may not have a representative available 24/7, you have the capability of making money at all hours of the day and night. You are not restricted by closing time. This provides you with the ability to make more money and hence find more success than some of your competitors.

Even if you have a voicemail, most customers will not speak to it. Most people will hang up. If it is the first time the customer has called, he or she might choose a different business if yours does not pick up. For your business to grow, you need to be able to keep up with the market. You should have a competitive edge. When you have someone on the other line at all hours of every day, you give yourself that edge.

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