Top 5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer


Whether you have just moved into a new place or you have been unfortunate enough to experience an intrusion, it is important to put measures in place to secure your home. Unfortunately, burglaries and vandalism are common occurrences in the United States, and so you should put some thought towards your home security. Here are a few effective ways to secure your home and keep it safe.

Guard Dogs

Secure your home with a ‘K9 alarm system’. Well-trained dogs can help to deter intruders from entering the home. This means that your home is secure from the get-go. Not to mention, a trained guard dog will alert you to people approaching the home. When trained properly, dogs can even protect your family when they go for walks. German shepherds are an obvious choice when it comes to K9 security. In addition, akitas are known to be fiercely loyal while bull-mastiffs definitely look the part and will guard you and your family well.

Secure Doors

One of the easiest ways to ensure your home is secure is to invest in secure doors. Check out your exterior doors and make sure they are solid with strong, protected hinges. An easy way for burglars to open a front door is by reaching through the mail slot. Inspect this opening to ensure this won’t be possible. When moving into a pre-loved property, make sure you change the locks. This will help put your mind at ease as you will know that you, and your family, are the only people with a set of keys to your home. When it comes to reinforcing your locks, install a deadbolt and a strike plate for the ultimate security.

Smart Technology

Continuing on from the previous point, swapping your lock system to smart locks can offer your home a high-tech way to secure your property. They work with WiFi, bluetooth and voice assistants, and they enable you to enter your home without a set of keys. Besides smart locks, smart light bulbs can be controlled using a smartphone. The benefit of a smart lighting system is that you can simulate the appearance of someone in the home at all times by programming your lights to turn on at scheduled intervals throughout the evening.

Concealed Carry

A great deterrent for many burglars is the fact that there may be a gun in the home. When confronting a thief in your home, simply revealing a concealed carry weapon can stop the intruder in their tracks. However, some states require gun owners to obtain a permit. Learn how to get a concealed carry permit in Virginia online, and keep your family and your possessions safe from intruders.

Don’t Forget About Your Outdoor Space

In addition to indoor lighting, put some thought into your outdoor space. By illuminating your garden or yard, you can deter potential intruders from getting close to your home. Furthermore, with motion-activated lights you will notice all outdoor activity. Install lights around your property to keep vandals at bay. Outdoor lighting can also help prevent trips and falls too.

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