Track Your Dog’s Activity with Fit Bark 2 Review

Track Your Dog’s Activity with Fit Bark 2 Review

Fit Bark 2 was founded in 2013. It is a canine health monitor and an establishment that is famous for serving as a source of motivation for dog owners to stay healthy and active and also keep their dogs healthy.

In addition to being famous for motivating dog owners to keep their dogs healthy, Fit Bark 2 is into the manufacture of software infrastructure, as well as collar sensors which play a major role in helping dog owners monitor their dog’s general health, behavioral pattern, sleep quality, caloric expenditure, and activity.

That’s not all about Fit Bark 2. Fit Bark 2 is a research platform which is made use of by vet school to validate new procedures, medical treatments, foods, and drugs.

How Does Fit Bark 2 Work?

To get the best out of Fit Bark 2, you have to know exactly how it functions. Fit Bark 2 basically carries out the function of monitoring your pet’s rest and activity levels. By keeping tabs on your pet’s activity, as well as health levels, you can depend on Fit Bark 2 to have a clear understanding of what your pet’s behavior and health are like in a particular period of time.

Fit Bark 2 does not function manually. It works alongside Ios and Android apps. Also, you do not need to be a tech guru to make use of it as it can be set up very easily.

To make use of Fit Bark 2, the first thing you need to do is charge it for an hour and 30 minutes. Once it is charged, go on and download the app that you will be using with it. As soon as you download this app, follow the instructions that appear on the screen. These instructions will help you create a profile for your dog, as well for yourself.

When making use of Fit Bark 2, you will need to make use of Bluetooth 4.0 to link your phone. To ensure a very easy synchronization procedure, ensure ha your phone is not more than 9m from Fit Bark 2.

What is the Design of Fit Bark 2?

Fit Bark 2 was made specifically for dogs and is designed like an attractive dog bone. It was built in a way that it can conveniently fit various dog breeds and various dog sizes. While averagely, the Fit Bark 2 can be used by various types of dogs, you have to bear in mind that collars that are broader than 30mm cannot be used with this device.

Dogs are known for biting. So, to prevent this device from being destroyed by bites from your dog, it is made with materials that are resistant to dog bites. One of these materials is impact polycarbonate. While this device is made with a material that is resistant to dog bites, this material cannot be trusted to provide absolute protection from dog bites.

Featured at the bottom of Fit Bark 2 is a Micro USB port which is kept protected by a cap. This Micro USB port can be connected to a computer’s USB port.

In addition to featuring a USB port, this device also comes with LED indicator lights that give off a flash of light when your phone is getting paired with it. When it is being charged, the led lights that come with this device stay on and go off when its battery gets full.

Features of Fit Bark 2

Fit Bark 2 comes with lots of favorable features. Let’s take a look at some of these features.

It is Waterproof

You cannot be sure of where your dog will always go. Also, you should not stop your dog from playing in the water. To ensure that you do not get worried about your dog playing in the water, Fit Bark 2 was designed to be waterproof. It can work perfectly well when it is 1m underwater for a duration of one hour. To ensure that nothing gets wrong with it when it is in water, the cap that is positioned behind the unit has to be closed properly.

It is Shock Proof

Fit Bark 2 is not a device that can get damaged very easily. It is made of polycarbonate and can take a lot of shock from dog bites without being destroyed.

While the probability of a small dog damaging his device through bites is very low, it is possible for much larger dogs to damage it if they put in a lot of attention into biting it.


Fit Bark 2 makes use of cellular networks. The implication of this is it can be used in any part of the world. While this device can work in any part of the world, for its synchronization procedure to be successful, there should be internet access.

Fit Bark does not Require Monthly Fees

You do not have to pay a fee to enjoy what Fit Bark 2 has to offer. Its apps, as well as APIs, are free

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