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Gaming and Bitcoin together now in a whole new way. Because bitFlyer Europe and Quazard have joined a Trading contest together. The Botwars Ultimate Competition to enable participants to Bitcoin as profits clear.

With the currency trading to Bitcoin

In Botwars Ultimate Trading the Forex trading in real time. The participants will learn new Trading skills by building an army of Trading robots. This army should then conquer the crypto currency market. This bitflyer Europe, the European offshoot of the crypto-exchange bitFlyer, and Quazard, the developers of crypto Trading Games work together closely.

On 1. June, it starts with the Quest. To do this, Paul Lindsell, CEO and founder of Quazard explained in a Press release: “Millennials are not just interested in brands and services, you are also looking for experience in the exchange of crypto-currencies. We support this interest with game-based Learning. Thanks to the partnership with bitFlyer, it is possible, crypto-newcomers to the sport to provide a safe environment in which you can learn how to trade within Botwars. On the other hand we can demonstrate to our players, as a secure and reputable crypto-currency exchanges in the real world looks like.“

Profits with the crypto-Trading-Simulator

The Botwars Ultimate Trading is the first Trading competition on the Botwars. The prize money for the winners comes from bitFlyer. Andy Bryant, COO of bitFlyer Europe, explains: “The Gamification in Trading is a growing Trend, and this industry-first partnership between Quazard and bitFlyer is a step forward in order to make the trade with crypto currencies more and more popular. It is a fantastic opportunity for players to trade in a risk-free environment – to be even with the incentive, for your success will be rewarded.“

Both iOS as well as Android users can be, for Botwars is there for both versions.

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