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Treepto’s ecosystem is heating up : The next Binance Charity


Stuttgart, Germany, 14 Feb 2022, Treepto cryptocurrency – $TPO is going to be a trending cryptocurrency in binance charity and it was launched only two months ago. It is growing fast enormously, reaching more than 1k holders till now. Currently, it rests at 500,000 $ MarketCap, showing impressive growth.  Investment in treepto safeguard the planet and give supports to the community. The main goal of treepto is to save the earth through planting trees. 

“Treepto has the same purpose as binance charity. The main aim is to save our planet by planting a million trees” – Founder, Treepto.

Why is TPO the next Binance Charity? Why is it a gem X100?

As the current binance charity foundation releases many humanity tokens that directly help people who are in need. In this meantime, treepto co-founders understand the ecological changes and the urge to save our planet. Hence, they come up with a new innovation called treepto cryptocurrency. Treepto cryptocurrency is developed by combining crypto markets and ecological projects, including new features in the crypto space. 1% of each transaction will be used to plant trees and give donations.

The Treepto project is community-focused and goal-oriented. It has a huge community to support and developers have shared a lot of information on their official website. They also shared more information through social media channels such as Twitter.

By holding $TPO, holders can earn BUSD rewards, but the token will also be the heart of the entire secure defi ecosystem.

Goal of Treepto :

“The ultimate goal of our project is to donate $1,000,000 to replant trees. We also aim to reach 100M Market Cap. Rewards in $BUSD and 1% of network fees will be used for donations. Help us preserve our planet “–  Founder’s message.

The main goal of Treepto is to save the planet by donating 1,000,000 $ to organizations that plant trees. In the cryptocurrency space, many projects are trying to make X1000 quicker. This Treepto project had a strong base of holders, developers, and efficient marketing campaigns, which makes X1000 happen sooner in reality. 

Achievements :

Treepto was born only two months ago, but it had received huge support from the community. Let’s have a look at the wins of this as follows :

  • Within a short span of time, Treepto project had gained more than 5K followers on trending social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram.
  • Most people had understood its scope earlier, as a result, the Treepto project has 1k hoIders.
  • The main advantage of the holders of Treepto cryptocurrency ($TPO) is that they can earn BUSD rewards.
  • Developers had a clear roadmap to list this treepto project in DEX and other launch pads to attract more investors.
  • The main goal of Treepto is to donate every one percent of  the transaction to plant trees and save the planet.
  • NFT’s will be provided to ensure the ownership of this Treepto cryptocurrency. 

Growing Faster :

  • Treepto has been listed in coinpaprika and soon will be in CEX listings.
  •  Treepto had planned to launch a new website with upgraded features.
  •  Treepto project is more concerned about the security of holders, hence its upcoming goal is to install KYC and Smart contract audits to avoid frauds and remove bugs respectively.

Treepto project’s main goal was to save the planet by planting trees. Holders can benefit from a steady return of investment from treepto and they have the satisfaction of their soul due to their contribution to the environment.

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