Undeniable Perks of Leveraging AI in Contact Centers


Almost every type of business worldwide has contact centres nowadays, as an increasing number of customers hope to get in touch for various queries about a product or service. Naturally, not every business has the economic resources or workforce to handle vast amounts of calls each day, causing them to lose existing clients due to a poor response rate. Many also lose potential leads as more people hang up on calls or give up when there is no response.

Fortunately, leveraging AI in these centres can be among the most prudent business decisions in the modern technological world. It can handle an unbelievable number of calls 24/7, ensuring customers are delighted with their experience.

New businesses on the fence about using this sophisticated tech in their professional life will find the following points elaborating on its benefits insightful.

Excellent customer satisfaction

AI is a fantastic tool for understanding how customers behave, what they like and dislike, which products sell well, and which seem to have no takers. That’s why it is significant to service and product development functions.

By predicting behaviour, it can respond likewise, prioritising urgent cases over non-urgent ones and handing them over to human teams whenever necessary. For instance, it studies customer behaviour and predicts when they abandon carts, hang up on a call, and other details, showing you the areas that need improvement.

Discover quality leads

The best thing about artificial intelligence is that it can help you find quality leads. You can use the customer data it gathers and generate a foundation for your business. Using AI, you can tap into many daily inbound and outbound calls. This allows for better customer acquisition by providing valuable insights into who these people are and what they are looking for.

It helps many businesses that need help finding quality customers because they need more time and resources to properly research their target market’s needs or wants.

Cost reduction

Once you begin using AI, you no longer need large teams to get simple things done, as the software can handle it independently. This means you can save money on hiring and training costs, which can be used for other areas of your business.

AI can also be used in contact centres to reduce errors that result from human negligence or bad habits. For example, suppose a new employee misinforms a customer about a product because they have yet to fully know how it works, costing the business a loyal client. You can avoid this by automating inbound calls to handle general FAQs and tier 1 queries.

Pick a suitable solution

You should be careful when choosing a provider of artificial intelligence for contact centres, as it will determine the result. Invariably, it helps to pick a service provider serving various industries like finance, e-commerce, and healthcare, as they typically have tools you can personalise. For instance, you can customise the AI solution’s voice, speech, tone, and accent according to your preferences and keep modifying the features until you land on the most suitable one.

Also, ensure that the tech is scalable so it can handle hundreds of inbound calls from customers, initiate calls, and drive customers toward specific actions, such as booking appointments, signing up, making payments, etc.

Lastly, select a provider with positive client reviews, ensuring that your business will be in the hands of a safe and competent AI solution.

Saurabh Singla
Saurabh Singla is a former Mechanical Engineer turned digital marketer. He has been in the digital marketing industry for over 6 years and has worked with clients across different sectors including FanFare, BitMachina, Bayslope amongst others. Saurabh is also an Author and has written over 30 websites for his clients including INC42, Yourstory etc. After founding CaphIQ in 2020, he is helping businesses and Personalities for their Personal Branding and online visibility.

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